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Category Name - Battery Care23 Aug 2017

The importance of maintaining your car battery

BY Exide
The importance of maintaining your car battery

Every automobile requires a quality battery to ensure that the vehicle starts without any issues. The battery doesn't just help the vehicle to start but also stabilizes the same and also provides power for a range of electronics and accessories that are used.

While many highlight the importance of keeping the engine, brakes and the gearbox, amongst other components, working in perfect condition, the battery in a car is just as important and its maintenance can mean the difference between reaching your destination without a hitch or ending up on a roadside without the ability to start the car and frantically calling for help.

Fortunately, Exide Care provides a free on-road battery emergency helpline called the Batmobile whereby just dialing a number 1800-103-5454, in a serviced zone, an Exide technician will reach you to solve your problem.

The service is available for users of non-Exide batteries too and the technician is trained to provide tips on how to maintain a car battery, amongst other important car safety issues.

Car batteries these days don't just start the vehicle but also power many devices too. This is another reason why they should be maintained well and not be uncared for. It is recommended that you should get your battery checked after a year or so and even get it serviced if possible.

This is done to ensure that the device is working properly, even if your car sounds right, the vehicle puts a lot of strain on the battery via the starter motor when your car is turned on. There are a number of electronic indicators which may flash and give you warnings if they are not being powered correctly and this also can be due to a battery that is not working well.

Battery maintenance isn't all that difficult though you have to understand that different climates require different batteries. For example, you would require a battery with a high CCA value since you live in a colder climate and need to ensure that the battery can power the car even in extremely cold weather. Fortunately, Exide's battery maintenance is great and you should barely have any issues with them.

What should you do when your car battery isn't performing well?

It is inevitable that your battery will suffer from a lack of performance over the years and one measure you can take is to service your battery. Your car manual should also come with a list of tips on how to maintain your car battery.

However, you often need the help of the professionals and this is where Exide Care comes into the picture. Exide's battery maintenance almost ensures you never have to do any work and their Batmobile experts can solve almost any problem your car battery could have.

There will be a time when you must change your battery and if you aren't sure about the process, Exide Care takes care of that and replaces your battery with a new one. The process of the exchange is free and you even get a discount when you replace your old battery for a new battery.

The company has provided car battery solutions for a number of years across India and if you do need the best service, Exide Care is the answer for all your requirements.

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