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Looking for a Home UPS at the best price? Get an Exide!

By Exide
Looking for a Home UPS at the best price? Get an E

Having a UPS at home could be beneficial in many aspects, especially if you want your electrical appliances and gadgets to keep on running smoothly even during power failures.

So, what are the main factors to induce purchasing a UPS for home?

• HUPs provides back-up power during power interruptions.
• Provides adequate power supply during the short-term interruptions and you would get a 'ride through' time for converting backup supply.
• Prevents your sophisticated electrical gadgets, laptops and computers from damage during a sudden power cut. Protects your data from getting lost while at work.

A wide range of inverters or UPS for home are available in the market these days, enough to keep your electrical gadgets working. How would you know which one to go for? We suggest, go for the best! Choose an Exide Home UPS. The Exide Home UPS is just apt for domestic purposes and is 100% reliable. Home UPS from Exide is manufactured with the latest technology, and comes at a price that would fit your budget well.

An Exide Home UPS is ideal to run electrical gadgets like fan, electrical appliances, computers, laptops, water pumps, air conditioners, bulbs, ovens, tube lights etc. The products are also used in offices, BPO's, malls, and petrol pumps. Choose from the range of UPS for home offered by Exide under the brand Exide Inverterz with three state-of-the-art models featuring the latest in sine wave and square wave technology to suit every application, load requirement, operating condition and budget as listed below:

Exide Invertez GQP: This Home UPS system made with 100% copper transformer is a Pure Sine wave inverter, and is also considered to be one of the most sophisticated Home UPS available in the market. The system can handle a wide range of mains input voltage for battery charging (90V-300V) and low voltage operations to keep electrical appliances running. The product is best known for its 3-stage Auto Sense Intelligent Control (ASIC) charging with Auto Smart Protection and dual LCD-LED display. This UPS for home is best for safe guarding your sophisticated electrical gadgets. The product comes with a 24 month warranty.*

Exide Inverterz Star: This Home UPS system is manufactured with high quality pure sine wave technology, suitable for the mains and low voltage operation, with LED display and auto smart protections. The system comes with 100% pure copper transformers. The system can handle a wide range of mains input voltage for battery charging (90V-300V) and can handle low voltage operations as well to keep your electrical appliances running. The product comes with a 24 month warranty.*

Exide Invertez Magic: This UPS for home usage comes with smart built-in protection and ASIC Technology which automatically senses the battery condition and adjusts the charging current accordingly. The system controls output voltage to prevent overload, short-circuit, AC back-feed, low battery, overheating. The system has added features of soft touch mode and charging selection switch and comes with a 24-month warranty.*

*Warranty Terms applicable.

The market for Home UPS in India is growing with the increase in use of high-end electronic equipment's and occasional power disruptions that demands the safeguarding and uninterrupted use of these devices.  Buy an Exide UPS for your home from the nearest Exide Dealer and bring home a quality device that will guarantee you peace of mind.

*Warranty Terms Apply

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