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Service available in select cities between 8am & 12 midnight. Conditions apply *Inverter Battery and HUPS service is available for products manufactured by Exide Industries Limited only

How it works

  • Place your Service Request by clicking on the Share Your Location link

  • Follow the steps till your request gets allocated to a nearby Technician

  • Our Technician arrives at your given location

  • Our technician checks your vehicle battery

  • Our technician fixes the battery or offers Jump-start/ replacement of Battery

  • Your Request is closed

service is available across the following locations
8 am - 12 midnight

Wrong place. Wrong time. Car battery breakdowns usually happen when you least expect it. Just the reason why you need someone reliable, quick, efficient and hassle-free to fix it.

Presenting Exide BatMobile Quick Doorstep Service. Over 70 years of unmatched trust, proven capability and superior efficiency all coming together to service your car battery like no one else, right at your doorstep, whenever you need.

To place your service request all you need is click on 'SHARE YOUR LOCATION' on the landing page and follow a few simple steps to allocate a nearby technician for your service.

And that's it! Our technician will soon arrive at your given location, check your car battery and fix it either by jumpstarting it or replacing it. Once your battery problem gets fixed, the request is deemed closed. Quick and easy, isn't it!

Exide BatMobile Quick Doorstep service is available for all cars and batteries of any brand. With a fleet of Covid-ready highly trained technicians, we assure complete safety for our customers on every service visit by taking all necessary protective measures. So be safe and worry-free on the go because Exide BatMobile is just a click or a call away!

Customer Testimonials

I have an Exide battery in my Maruti Car. I was out of my town for few months and the car was left unused. When I returned, the car refused to start. I called the Exide BatMobile service and was surprised by their prompt service. The technician not only replaced my battery but also suggested me ways to prevent a reoccurrence of battery failure. Thank you Exide for this wonderful service experience.

- Debanjan Roy Kolkata

I liked the BatMobile Services because they not only fixed the problem with my car battery but also explained me very well what the problem was and why it occurred. The technicians arrived in time and were not only efficient but very polite and nice. If I have to give them marks, I would like to give hundred percent.

- Kavita Chauhan University of Hyderabad
Gachhi Bowli. Hyderabad - 500046

Recently I purchased a Maruti Celerio car. Suddenly one day it won't start. I contacted the Exide BatMobile Service. Within no time a technician visited me. He checked and replaced my battery with another and took my car's battery for further checking. Within 3-4 days he came back and replaced my Car Battery with a new one and handed me over the new papers. I am very happy with this professionally managed service from Exide.

- Shayantan GhoshSiliguri, West Bengal

The quality service provided by your BatMobile team is exceptional. I appreciate the way you have trained your staff and the way they are following their duty perfectly. Keep up the good work Exide. Once again thank you for the good service and I wish the company a lot of success.

- Sukhveer Singh RohraRajasthan

I really appreciate the quick service of your BatMobile team. My Exide battery was giving me trouble. I called up the BatMobile Service on 1800-103-5454 and immediately the team rushed to my residence and collected the battery by giving a standby for my car. My old battery was replaced in no time.

- Navnit PanchalSoftware Trainer

I am extremely happy and overwhelmed with the excellent service provided by the Exide BatMobile technicians at the spot where my car broke down due to drainage of battery. Thanks Exide and the team for the help at the crucial time.

- Mr. Avijit Sikdar Kolkata

We are regular purchasers of Exide batteries. It is very convenient to use BatMobile service of Exide whenever we face any battery problem. The service is really fast and very helpful. We are proud to be associated with Exide - The Market Leader in India.

- N. PrabhuCEO, Marudhamalai Sri Dhandapani Spinning Mills

My car broke down in the middle of nowhere on my way to Bhubaneswar. Your BatMobile representative promptly arrived at the spot and fixed the problem. I am really thankful to you all for the help and quick response. My best wishes to all of you. Thank you.

- Arup Kumar Chatterjee Bhubaneswar

I would like to thank each one of you for taking the initiative and resolving the concern on utmost priority and rendering the replacement of my automobile's battery. I will always continue to cherish this long standing association with Exide like has always been in the past.

- Sudeep NedungadiMD, Enterprise Together

I was unable to start my car as battery was down due to some reasons. I called the BatMobile number and got instant service from Exide. The technical person and the service engineer were very helpful. I got immediate replacement of the battery for a new one.

- Mr. Biju Das Kolkata

I was on a family outing when my car battery broke down and I couldn’t start my car. I called the BatMobile number from the website and within 20 mins a BatMobile personnel came on his 2 wheeler, checked my battery and replaced it. I was very relieved and my family was extremely happy knowing we could continue with our trip. It’s this great service that makes your customers feel that you care about developing a long-term relationship and means more than just making a sale.

- Vishal Rajasthan

I was really pleased to be served by Exide BatMobile Team in terms of knowing the problem, giving solution, and suggesting alternatives in case you are stuck up on the road mid-way, when my car battery faced a problem last year.

- Amarjeet Singh Matharu Chief Engineer, Samsung India Electronics P. Ltd.

Thanks and appreciation for the extremely helpful and customer-friendly approach of your BatMobile team. Our family has been a loyal customer of Exide for last 40 years and once again Exide has proven that the brand is more than just a battery maker with the way the BatMobile technicians dealt with my complaint. I was facing some problems with my Exide car battery and the team not only replaced the battery with a new one but also provided a temporary replacement battery while our order was being processed.

- V. K. Bhatia Bangalore

I was really overwhelmed by the back-end support given by your esteemed organisation. I got help from BatMobile within 30 minutes of lodging the complaint. The behaviour of your support staff is highly praiseworthy. Keep up the good work!

- Dibya Jyoti Panda Cuttack

We care for your Safety!

Our technicians take a number of safety
measures during their job like:

In the light of latest Government guidelines pertaining to the current Covid-19 situation, our service might be delayed or not possible immediately. We regret the inconvenience, but your safety and the safety of our employees and partners are of primary importance. We request you to kindly bear with us and assure you that we will try to connect with you at the earliest and resolve your issue.

Stay Safe. Exide Cares.