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In business or in life, how far you go is
determined by just one thing - Your Drive.

Exide, producers of India's highest quality batteries, has been a market leader
for close to 100 years now.

With the largest range of products under one roof, Exide raises the bar
in battery technology, with pioneering products,
services and processes.

At Exide, the values of the Company are driven by the needs of the customer.
From providing emergency services for free to
lighting homes and powering vehicles,
Exide always strives
to deliver the best.

No wonder,
Exide sells 1 battery every second!

Exide is

Driven by Passion

The hunger to excel.
The zeal to improve each day.
The unmatched perseverance to set new benchmarks,
and above all, an indomitable spirit that rages inside.

These are just some of the attributes that drive
Exide to be one of India's most reliable brands, enjoying
an unrivalled reputation and recall in the lead-acid
storage batteries space for both automotive and
industrial applications.

From the battery in your vehicle
to the power in your house,

Exide is

Driven by Innovation

It is the drive within Exide that creates new
experiences for its customers.

It is the drive that pioneers cutting-edge products,
powered by the unmatched
Punchgrid Technology.

It is the drive that takes the Epiq step - creating a battery that outlives
every other car battery in the country.

It is the drive that helps us Advanz
- innovating the first ever sealed maintenance-free battery.

It is the drive that knows how to deliver
nothing but the best.
Today and always...

The desire to change for the better,
is what drives Exide towards excellence.

Exide is

Exide Care
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