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Handling the Electrolyte:

aPreparing electrolyte:

In case electrolyte needs to be prepared, always add concentrated acid to water and never water to acid, as it may cause effervescence and spillage. Store electrolyte in plastic containers with sealed cover. Keep away from direct sunlight.

bIn case electrolyte is swallowed:

Drink large quantities of water or milk and follow with the milk of magnesia, beaten eggs or vegetable oil. Take medical advice.

Battery Explosion:


  • Always shield eyes when working with batteries, as sparks, acid splurge etc. may hurt the eyes.
  • When charging batteries, work in a well-ventilated area - never in closed spaces.
  • Always turn battery charger or ignition off before disconnecting a battery.
Lead, one of the most useful metals, if not treated and after use, can turn preserved after use, can turn hazardous
Avail of a special rebate on Exide batteries every time you return a used battery
Return used batteries. Protect the environment
Exide Care
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