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Beat power cuts with Exide Inverter batteries. Exide manufactures state-of-the-art, low maintenance, environment friendly inverter batteries at its technically advanced manufacturing units. Every Exide inverter battery has the ability to withstand frequent discharge, emits low gas and comes with a host of features including and at a price that will fit your pocket.

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In India, power cuts and irregularities in power distribution are still a part of life in urban as well as rural areas. The situation becomes worse in the hot and humid summer months, causing much discomfort. Exide inverter batteries are your only answer to beat the heat and power cuts, as they give you uninterrupted power supply during a power failure. An Exide inverter battery is designed to perform in extreme temperatures and long duration power cuts.

Our Range

Exide inverter batteries come in two ranges – Tubular Inverter Batteries and Flat Plate Inverter Batteries. The tubular inverter batteries are manufactured by a technology that seals the active material in polyester tubes called gauntlets, instead of pasting it on the surface of the plate. This increases the longevity of the battery and makes it tough and durable. The Flat Plate Inverter Batteries require no electrolyte maintenance, come with high pressure venting system, enhanced recharging efficiency, low self-discharge and more. When you search for an Exide inverter battery online, you also have the advantage of choosing the battery you want to purchase according to VA Rating, Ampere Hour and also calculate your requirement before buying.

Tubular Inverter Batteries
Made with Torr Tubular technology, Exide tubular inverter batteries use the high pressure 'HADI' casting process at 100 bar. The spines in Exide tubular batteries are cast from low antimony lead alloy, with selenium, copper, tin, and arsenic, to protect the lead support from anodic corrosion.
Flat Plate Inverter Batteries
This VRLA Gel battery utilizes a one way, pressure-relief valve system and Gelled (immobilized) electrolyte to achieve a recombinant technology. Exide Flat Plate Inverter Batteries require no electrolyte maintenance unlike deep cycle flooded batteries and come with a host of features.

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