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  • 29 September 2020 Exide Battery

    What to do when your car won't start

    By Exide care

    You put your car key in and turn it, but instead of the familiar whirring sound of the engine turning on, you hear nothing - This might be one of the worst nightmares of a car owner! If you had left the headlights or other electrical components on during the night before, the issue could possibly...

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  • 26 September 2020 Exide Battery

    More about Exide on-road battery service for cars - Batmobile

    By Exide care

    Roadside assistance is the emergency help that comes to your rescue when you're stranded on the road due to vehicle breakdowns. The assistance might involve on-spot mechanical repair, changing a flat tyre or jumpstarting a dead battery. Such kind of assistance is required not only by those driving four-wheelers...

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  • 24 September 2020 Exide Battery

    Can you avoid calling car breakdown assistance for batteries?

    By Exide care

    Car breakdowns are sudden and you can never say you're completely prepared for it. While you might be carrying a tool box, the battery might refuse to crank up. You might be carrying a spare tyre and the engine might overheat or what your car might need at the moment is an immediate oil change...

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Exide Batmobile
Exide Batmobile
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