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Category Name - Battery Care27 Oct 2016

How to Check Your Car Battery

BY Exide
How to Check Your Car Battery

Nothing can be compared to the freedom that one experiences if you own a car. It reduces the hassle of regular transportation and makes life so much easier. Yes, you can enjoy your long drives but it is essential to take care of your car especially your car battery. Always remember, the battery is the soul of your car. If it malfunctions then you can be stranded in the middle of nowhere. This can be quite frustrating and to locate an expert car repairing service provider in the middle of nowhere can be really challenging. So, it is always advisable to go for an occasional battery check-up for a long battery life.

Following are some steps that need to be taken for a periodic car battery check-up for its smooth functioning:

Check Clamp

Ensure that the battery is steadfastly attached to the cradle and the cable clamps and lead wire contact is accurate.

Check Vent

Confirm that the vent hose in the battery is not folded or impaired by the exhaust system.

Shun Grease

Ensure that the battery top is clean and dry. You can apply either petroleum jelly or Vaseline to cable clamps and terminals for appropriate lubrication. But never apply grease.

Use Distilled Water

Use distilled water and uphold the level to the line that specifies, maximum. Never even think of adding acid.

Close Firmly

Always keep the vent plugs closed closely.

Check Frequently

Ensure to examine your car's electrical system on a regular basis, particularly the regulator voltage setting.

Service Regularly

Always get your battery serviced frequently by a professional.

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As a car owner you might not be knowledgeable about battery issues or how to do a car battery check-up. The above tips will surely help you under such circumstances. If you still find handling regular check-ups and any kind of battery problems difficult to handle, it is safest to approach professionals for car battery check-ups. If you are an Exide customer, you can approach the nearest authorised Exide dealer for an appropriate and regular battery check-up. Find your nearest Exide Dealer by visiting www.exidecare.com and increase the longevity of your car battery!

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