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Category Name - Battery Care14 Sep 2016

Tips to maintain your car battery

BY Exide
Maintain battery

Battery is one of the most important parts of your vehicle, in fact the heart of your vehicle. Performance of your car largely depends on the efficiency of your car battery. Many a times, in the event of a car breakdown, we are forced to call for Emergency Car Breakdown Assistance and it is found that it is the car battery that has caused this breakdown. To avoid such situations and keep the vehicle running smoothly, it is important to ensure that the car battery is well-maintained and in good shape.

Maintaining your car battery is easy. It is just a matter of checking a few things regularly and keeping some vital points in mind. While certain checks and fixes can be done by yourself easily, professional battery servicing at regular intervals is highly recommended for continued high performance and avoiding sudden vehicle breakdowns where one has no choice but to call the Emergency Car Breakdown Assistance service. Here are a few tips that will help you maintain your car battery -

Check Clamp:In a vehicle, the battery is usually secured to a cradle and the cable clamps and lead wire are connected to the battery. It is important to check periodically that the battery is firmly secured to the cradle and the cable clamps and lead wire contact is proper.

Avoid Grease:One of the essentials of keeping your vehicle battery in best condition is to ensure the battery top is clean, dry and free from corrosion. For proper lubrication, petroleum jelly (Vaseline) can be applied to the cable clamps and terminals. It is important to note, never apply grease.

Use Distilled Water:You must only use distilled water to top up your car battery and make sure the water level is always to the line that indicates ‘maximum’. At no cost use acid or any similar corrosive substance in your battery.

Check Vent:Check the battery to ensure that the vent hose is not folded or damaged by the exhaust system. This can damage your car battery.

Close Vent Plugs:Make sure the vent plugs are closed tightly.

Check Electrical System:Inspect your vehicle's electrical system regularly. Pay close attention to the regulator voltage setting.

Regular Servicing:Lastly, to ensure consistent high performance, it is very important to get your car battery serviced regularly. Take the car battery to your nearest authorised Exide dealer and get it checked periodically for smooth functioning.

Routinely observing these battery maintenance tips will ensure longevity and high performance of your car battery and avoid unexpected vehicle breakdowns.

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