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Category Name - Battery Care31 Jul 2017

Tips to keep in mind when installing car batteries

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Tips to keep in mind when installing car batteries

The life of a car battery normally ranges from three to five years depending on not only its usage but other factors such as climate too. The electrical system of a car depends on the performance of the battery and having a faulty one can lead to a number of issues for your vehicle, some of which can even cause serious damage to your vehicle.

Replacing an old battery with a new one is a situation that most car owners fret about, however, keeping the following tips in mind will make the job easier and less tedious.

  • Safety first: Certain car batteries contain acid in them and the location of the battery itself is near the engine, which has other liquids flowing around. It is recommended to wear protective glasses, gloves and clothing to ensure you are not in contact with any material. It is also recommended to remove any rings or metal jewelry you might be wearing, before attempting to work near the engine.
  • The car should be kept in a safe location: Ensure that the car is parked away from traffic and on a flat surface. The vehicle should also be away from any flammable material to ensure that can lead to a fire from a spark. Also the vehicle must be turned off with the handbrake on.
  • Locate the battery: The hood of the car should be popped open to locate the battery, the next step is to remove the bracket that holds the car battery in place.
  • Remove the cables: The two terminals of the battery have to be separated from the cables attached to them. It is advised that you read up on the manual of your vehicle to understand how to pull them off, however, you can use an adjustable wrench to loosen the bolt from the negative end first and then move the cable aside.
    The same method should be done for the positive terminal as well and the cable should be moved aside before removing the battery out of the car.
    Remember, the battery would be heavy and precautions need to be taken to ensure you do not pick up an injury lifting and moving the same.
  • Clean the tray: Your battery would be kept on a tray which should be cleaned with some baking soda and water to get rid of the rust or other chemicals in the car and place the tray back into the right position.
  • Place the new battery into the car: The new battery should be placed into the same location as the earlier one. After securing the battery in the bracket that holds it in place, connect the positive cable first and tighten it before doing the same for the negative one.
  • Turn on the car: Turn the key but do not start the car, some vehicles need 60 seconds to check the systems when a new battery is put into place and only try to turn the car on after a minute or so has passed.

If you have followed the steps above perfectly, your car should start without any problems at all, however, you might want to take the easy route and call the professionals for the job of replacing the battery.

Exide Care India has a wide range of battery solutions for you to choose from, they also provide free car battery installation as part of their services should you purchase a battery from them.

The free car battery installation is also a part of the deal should you decide to replace your old battery with a new one and Exide Care also provides a discount when replacing batteries.

The company has a history of providing cutting edge services for its customers and Exide Care India’s Batmobile service also provides support to any traveler should their car break down.

You can reach the support team by calling 1800-130-5454 or visiting the page, the team is extremely quick, efficient and you will be marveling at the service.

The next time you face an issue with a car battery, call Exide Care and let the experts do their magic.

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