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Category Name - Exide Batteries26 Jul 2019

Look no further than Exide Care to get Swift Dzire car batteries online

BY Exide
Look no further than Exide Care to get Swift Dzire

Launched in 2008, the Swift Dzire car was initially contrived as a variation to Maruti Suzuki Swift hatchbacks. However, it later saw the light of the day as a subcompact sedan - which means a Swift Dzire owner can get the comfort and baggage safety of a sedan-like car in a smaller size. For the uninitiated, sedans are a type of automobile in which the cargo area is positioned behind the rear pillars of the car, usually separated from passenger cabin. When compared to hatchbacks, sedans offer better protection for the cargo against theft due to the separation and lack of glass window.

However, this was not the only reason for the Swift Dzire's popularity in the Indian markets. Featuring premium interior designs, the car was an instant hit with those searching for plush looks and classy interiors in their first-time cars. With subsequent facelifts in the following years, the car got a lot of new features like keyless entry, push start and stop, reverse parking sensors, in-dash music system, bluetooth connectivity, steering mounted audio controls, rear AC vents, dual airbags, increased boot space, seat-belt warnings and Anti-lock braking system (ABS), which turned it into an even better package. It was later renamed as Maruti Suzuki Dzire in 2017 when the manufacturer launched the third generation of the model.

Another reason for owning a Swift Dzire is the low cost of ownership owing to the affordability and easy availability of the spare parts. The car has also got great resale value compared to its contemporaries, thus offering the best value for money on the whole.

Batteries for a car like Swift Dzire also needs to be premium to support all the quality features of the vehicle. If you're looking for Swift Dzire car battery online, Exide can be a brand name for you to trust upon. The leading battery manufacturer has multiple options to offer on the Exide Care Website, which can make it easier for you to pick the best one. Besides doorstep delivery and no-cost installation, buying Swift Dzire car battery online from Exide Care can also offer you peace of mind as every battery from the brand comes along with assured warranty coverage.

Exide also offers a free on-road battery assistance service which is available in over 80 locations and is not restricted to automobiles with Exide batteries only. Formally named as the Exide Batmobile, the service can come in handy in emergency situations like during a car breakdown in the middle of a journey.

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