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Category Name - Exide Batteries16 Aug 2018

The best battery to power a Splendor Plus bike

BY Exide
The best battery to power a Splendor Plus bike

The Indian two-wheeler market has noticed a paradigm shift from being a system of regulations and tight control, to a more open economy of the contemporary era. There was also a shift in the taste and preference of the Indian population from scooters and mopeds towards motorcycles. These factors have led to the explosion of many indigenous and international two-wheeler makers in the country. Hero Motor Corp Ltd. with its superb range of bikes is at the top of the game and rules over a substantial market share. In fact, it can be termed as a market leader in India.

The bike maker has presence in all the segments - economy, premium and executive and the company’s performance is superb in comparison to its peers. Splendor Plus in the executive category is one of the most successful products of the bike maker and accounts for a significant turnover of the company. Splendor Plus serves best the commuters who require a bike for official, commercial and various other purposes.

In India, people need to travel long distances for both personal and occupational purposes and that’s when bikes always come in handy. They saves a lot of time and spares all the hazards related to public transportation. However, functioning in Indian conditions can be challenging and engine of the Splendor Plus bike requires a strong and durable battery back-up for enduring the rigors of the road. There are many battery makers operating in the market but it is necessary to locate the one which suits all the requirements of the Splendor bike and satisfies its owner as well.

Exide is a bike battery manufacturer who is a front-runner is Splendor bike battery manufacturing and supply. Exide two-wheeler batteries are designed with the state-of-the-art VRLA and topnotch Calcium Effects Technology, perfectly suited for all models and makes of two-wheelers in India. The various bike batteries offered by Exide for Splendor Plus are as follows -

  • Exide Xplore (12XL2.5L-C) - It is a sealed VRLA spill-proof battery, factory-charged and vibration resistant.
  • Exide Bikerz (12BV2.5L-C) - A super-sealed and spill-proof battery with practically no probability of a leak.
  • Exide Bikerz (12BI2.5L-C) - This two-wheeler battery is a perfect to challenge Indian roads.

In spite of the company employing cutting-edge technology to churn out its bike batteries, the price of each Exide battery suited for a Splendor bike is amazingly affordable. Exide has a wide network of 30,000+ authorised physical retail stores which caters to the demand of the existing and prospective customers. But there is a part of the customer base especially the younger generation who prefer to purchase their required bike battery online. The Exide website offers a wide range of batteries suited for a Splendor Plus bike. After the purchase is made, the product gets delivered at the doorstep of the customers. With Exide, consumers can also enjoy the convenience of Zero documentation for warranty of their battery also.

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