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Category Name - Exide Batteries22 Jun 2017

Why are there various car battery models

BY Exide
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The automotive industry provides us with a number of options when it comes to buying cars. Just like a number of car manufacturers can make it difficult for you to choose  the ideal vehicle for yourself, batteries coming in a range of shapes, sizes, features  and price can make it tough for you to make a selection.

The battery of your car is extremely important and a poorly functioning battery can hamper the performance of your car. So it is important for you to know why there are different kinds of car batteries and how they affect your vehicle's performance or your purchasing decision.

The types of batteries available

Car battery prices in India or anywhere vary depending on the chemicals used within. For example, lead-acid batteries cost lower than absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries. The reason they cost less is because lead-acid batteries don't hold a charge for a long period of time and have to be replaced after a number of years.

AGM batteries do cost a lot more than lead-acid batteries but they do provide a longer life cycle and work best in situations where deep cycle batteries are needed.

Lithium-ion batteries are the newest set to have come out and these are extremely expensive. These batteries are mostly used in electric cars and are lighter than normal batteries leading to greater fuel efficiency.

Calcium-Calcium car batteries are another range that one can use for their vehicles. There are various benefits using these as well since these batteries can be left unused for long and it doesn't result in a massive loss of charge.

Why the need for multiple battery types?

Cars are not all the same when it comes to day-to-day performance. There are cars that spend hours running and barely need to be switched off in a day due to long distance travel, while there are some which barely run once a week. There are also vehicles plying in the city and often need to stop-start their engine while in use.

For the latter, we would need a battery that doesn't lose its charge and can be used again and again due to the nature of high traffic based city travel, especially in India. Also for vehicles that have to deal with extreme road conditions, the battery to be used should have fewer chemicals within them and also have a strong casing to ensure there is no chance of a leak taking place.

There are many sizes that car batteries come in and it is advised to read through the owner manual of your vehicle before deciding to purchase one.

Even the usage of branded products can lead to varying car battery prices in India, especially if you look into those companies that have stood the test of time. One such example is the range of battery solutions provided by Exide.

Exide batteries have a range of benefits for you, ranging from free installation to even rebates when you return your old car battery while purchasing the new one.

There might be various options when it comes to buying batteries thanks to its make, chemicals and usage but the Exide range is the best solution for any need you have. And you can join millions of happy customers by visiting the Buy Exide Car/ SUV/MUV batteries page and buying the battery that suits your requirement.

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