How do I know when my car battery needs replacing? Do inverters increase electricity bill? Which Exide battery is best for my two wheeler? Find the answer to your questions in this FAQ section.


Every Exide battery comes with a warranty that the product is free from defects in designs, materials and workmanship affecting its normal use and operation, and is in conformity with the relevant specifications mentioned in the warranty*. The warranty period comprises of a FREE REPLACEMENT (FOC)* period and PRO-RATA REPLACEMENT period.##.

*FOC or Free of Cost replacement is offered when within the given FOC warranty period, if the battery purchased encounters any manufacturing defect, the battery will be replaced free of cost.

##If the battery faces issue(s) within the Pro-rated warranty period, then as per the terms and % mentioned in the warranty card, the battery will be replaced as per the discount mentioned. Remember, the pro-rated warranty can be processed only through Exide Dealers.

The label affixed on every Exide battery specifies the total number of months covered under Free Replacement and Pro-Rata period of replacement of batteries for specific applications.

Exide Batteries come with a different Warranty Periods that you can choose from depending on your requirement and application. For example, Exide EPIQ battery comes with a 77-month warranty*, whereas Exide Mileage gives a warranty* of 55 months. Exide Bikerz comes with 36 months, Exide Xplore gives a 48-month warranty etc.. To know more about the Exide Warranty Terms, click here.

The right to determine whether a battery needs repair, rectification, free replacement or pro-rata settlement of warranty rests with Exide Industries Ltd. only and the decision of Exide Industries Limited is final.


The label affixed on every Exide battery specifies its warranty period. Once you have purchased an Exide Battery, you should register your Exide Battery online for paperless warranty. When you have registered your battery online you can view the warranty details for your battery anytime, anywhere! Follow these 3 simple steps post purchase:

  • Register Your Battery/ Register your Home UPS
  • Go to the view registered battery/ HUPS section on the site.
  • Enter your mobile no/ Battery -Home UPS Serial number in the form and view your warranty*

Go to the Warranty Registration section on the Exide Care site.

Register your battery by following the steps, get your online paperless warranty* and view your battery warranty* details anytime anywhere!


Exide Batmobile service for your car can be booked from -

  • Our website
  • By calling our Toll-Free Number 1800 103 5454
  • By sending us a message on our WhatsApp No 70440 00000

Once you have shared your location, inform us about your car brand, model and fuel type while booking, you will be provided with a ticket number and a technician will be allocated to you promptly. For all Exide Batteries within the warranty period* the service will be free, else a service fee of Rs. 200 will be applicable for non-Exide batteries being serviced by our technician.

*T&C Apply