How do I know when my car battery needs replacing? Do inverters increase electricity bill? Which Exide battery is best for my two wheeler? Find the answer to your questions in this FAQ section.


If your bike battery is dysfunctional and there is no way to use a self-start mechanism, you can do the following:

  • Use kick-start, if it is available on your bike.
  • If it does not start automatically, work hard. Put the gear liver either in 1st or 2nd position. Try to clutch or push the bike to a little distance and suddenly release the clutch and accelerate the throttle.
  • If the issue still persist, call us on Exide Care Toll-Free Number: 1800 103 5454 for further help

When the bike battery is down, you can kick-start the bike. If you find this tiresome and want to get it solved faster, then call on Exide Care Toll-Free Number: 1800 103 5454 or WhatsApp us on 70440 00000 and our experienced technician will be at your service.

You can also e-mail at: exidecare@exide.co.in.


If your car battery is down, do not try to push the car yourself. Here's what you should do:

  • Park the car at a safe spot.
  • Ask a friend or a stranger to push the car.
  • Switch on the hazards so that others can know about your situation. If your car battery is too low to power it, use the safety reflectors.
  • Let others push your car while you take care of the steering wheel.
  • Release the hand brake and keep the gearbox in neutral.
  • Once you hit the desired speed, shift to the 2nd gear, leave the clutch at one go and press the accelerator slightly.

If your car still fails to start, it might be time for a battery replacement. You can connect with the Exide Batmobile service for assistance! When your car battery is down or dead, you can replace your old battery with a power-packed Exide car battery and get complete peace of mind with every journey you take.


Exide Batmobile is a quick, reliable, safe, and hassle-free doorstep service for any car / Exide Inverter Battery and Exide HUPS. Undertaken by our experienced and highly trained technicians, the Batmobile service ensures quick replacement of batteries if your battery has drained out or is malfunctioning. Our technicians also follow all health safety measures while visiting customers during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Exide Batmobile Service offers immediate assistance for any car battery, Exide Inverter battery or Exide HUPS with an issue. The Batmobile Service is available in select cities between 8 am to 8 pm. Timings may vary city-wise.

To place your Service Request, share your location by clicking on the links below as per your requirement:

Follow the steps till your request gets allocated to a nearby technician. The Exide Batmobile technician will arrive at your given location and check the issue with your car battery/ Exide inverter battery/ Exide HUPS. He will fix the battery or offer jump-start/ replacement of Battery in case of a vehicle battery issue. You can also call the helpline number - 18001035454.


To use the Exide Batmobile Service just follow these steps:

Place your Service Request by clicking on the "Share Your Location" link.

Follow the steps till your request gets allocated to a nearby technician. Once our technician arrives at your given location, let him check your battery and resolve the issue. If your car battery, Exide Inverter Battery or HUPS needs a replacement, the technician will ensure a speedy replacement of the same.


If you have an Exide Battery that is still within the warranty period, you will be given a free service, else you will be required to pay a service fee for all non-Exide manufactured batteries to the Exide Batmobile technician.

The accurate charges are mentioned upfront while you are booking the service. Our technician will assess the problem with your car battery. He will share the exact cost estimate with you before proceeding, especially for Exide Batteries which have lapsed the warranty period and non-Exide batteries. For complete replacements the battery the cost will be borne by you.

The Batmobile Service for Inverter Batteries and HUPS is available for products manufactured by Exide Industries Limited only. If your HUPS is out of warranty and might be requiring a spare part change, it will be charged at actuals.


The Exide Batmobile Doorstep service is available for all car models and car batteries of any brand. For Inverters and HUPS, the Exide Batmobile Service is only available for inverters and HUPS manufactured by Exide Industries Ltd.


The Exide Batmobile doorstep service is just a click away. Place your Batmobile Service Request by clicking on the links below or call 18001035454:

Our technician will immediately reach your doorstep and solve the issue. Once your issue gets fixed, your request will be closed. It's so easy and quick!

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