How do I know when my car battery needs replacing? Do inverters increase electricity bill? Which Exide battery is best for my two wheeler? Find the answer to your questions in this FAQ section.


Looking to buy an Inverter for your home or workplace? Just go for Exide - India's no.1 inverter battery brand.Exide Inverters/Home UPS systems are available in three models - Exide Inverterz Magic, Exide Inverterz GQP, Exide Inverterz Star. They are a 100% reliable as a source of power for various home appliances like DVD players, computers, television, water pumps, air conditioners, tube lights and bulbs, ovens etc., helping them to function smoothly, during power outages. To find the perfect inverter as per your requirement click here. Once you have decided on the Exide Inverter model to purchase, visit your nearest Exide Dealer.