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4 Easy tips to increase i20 car battery life for Indian roads

By Exide
4 Easy tips to increase i20 car battery life for I

Humid and hot - the usual Indian climate can take a toll on four-wheelers and their battery in its own way. Being an essential part of your i20, your car battery needs attention and care in order to last long. Here are some handy tips for you if you want to extend the lifespan of your i20 car battery:

1. Allow the batteries to fully charge - Limit your short rides as those don't allow the batteries to adequately charge and can affect the lifespan of your i20 car battery.

2. Know the battery type and specifications to select the right fit for your i20 - Whether you own a petrol-driven i20 or a diesel-driven one, once the OEM provided battery dies, you'll need to buy a replacement battery for it. Make a note of the battery size, type and specifications while buying so you don't end up getting the wrong battery for your four-wheeler model. Don't forget to check the car manual if in doubt.

3. Check the battery terminals every once in a while - The cable connection and the battery terminals need to be kept clean and tight for optimum battery performance. You can either keep an eye out to note their condition at intervals or opt for periodic maintenance by service personnel to ensure there's no corrosion or discharge.

4. Try parking under a shade or inside covered spaces - Fluctuating weather conditions not only affects a car exterior but can also affect its battery life. That's the reason it's always recommended to park your i20 under shade to avoid overheating of the vehicle, which in turn can put a strain on the battery to start or for air-conditioning to take effect. Also, ensure your regular parking space is covered but well-ventilated, to prevent exposure to heat, rain or cold.

Additionally, if your i20 has to be parked for a longer duration, it's usually recommended to disconnect the battery terminals to prevent undue power discharge. You can also limit your electronic device usage to avoid unnecessary strain on the car battery. For more tips about battery handling and maintenance, check out Exide's battery care guide.

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