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Can you avoid calling car breakdown assistance for batteries?

By Exide
Can you avoid calling car breakdown assistance for

Car breakdowns are sudden and you can never say you're completely prepared for it. While you might be carrying a tool box, the battery might refuse to crank up. You might be carrying a spare tyre and the engine might overheat or what your car might need at the moment is an immediate oil change. Causes for car breakdowns are many, but the only possible solution requires periodical servicing of the vehicle.

Getting stuck due to a dead or faulty car battery is particularly exasperating, especially when all other car parts are in perfect working condition. Regular maintenance of the vehicle should therefore also take note of the battery health at intervals, to ensure it's not discharged or is leaking or that it might be approaching its end of life. Here are the top precautionary measures that can help you avoid unexpected battery failures:

  1. Get replacement batteries from a good brand to be assured of dependable performance and durability.
  2. Keep a track of how long you're using the existing battery. The life of your car battery might vary, depending on your usage pattern. An experienced service technician might be able to help you determine the approximate life span of the battery you're using.
  3. Be aware of flickering or dimming headlights, slow starts and irregular functioning of the windshield wipers, as these are indicators that your car battery might be running out of its power.
  4. Check the terminals, electrical fittings and battery health of your car at intervals, especially before long trips to ensure they're in place.

In spite of all the careful measures, emergencies are unpredictable. Exide is just a call away from you if you need any kind of emergency car breakdown assistance for battery issues on the road.

The brand has come up with a trustworthy service to help you tackle any battery related problems anywhere*. Called as Exide Batmobile, the service reaches out to you at the earliest, once you place a call to 1800-103-5454 or let the emergency car breakdown assistance team know your location on their website. This doorstep service can be availed for any car model and for any battery, and comes with safety assurance keeping in mind the current Covid-19 situation.

*The list of cities and locations where our Exide Batmobile service is available, is listed here

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