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How to Troubleshoot Car Start Problem

By Exide
How to Troubleshoot Car Start Problem

You wake up early in the morning and prepare yourself to start your day on a fresh note. You are expecting new and all good things to happen all throughout the day. You board your car and all ready to start for office and suddenly your car starts giving you trouble. It just won't start. So, what do you do? Scream, shout and curse. But these won't work.

Car issues are a big concern for all car owners especially in times of emergency when they need their cars to be in shape. Well, there are innumerable reasons for such issues. If you have certain technical knowledge about cars or have minimum repairing knowledge of cars, it would take you just a few minutes for car start troubleshooting.

But for car owners who have no knowledge about car repairing, here are few guidelines-

Loose battery terminals

Attempt to restart your car. Listen carefully. Do you hear any kind sound while turning the ignition on? There should be sound. If you are unable to hear anything, there are definite chances that the terminals leading to the car battery are slack. Tighten them as required. But don't just unplug the wires. There's a positive and negative terminal present there. First, know the correct placement. If tightening doesn't work, please clean the terminals and battery poles. Lastly, connect the negative terminal followed by the positive one. Then try to start the car again.

Dead or dying battery

Car start difficulties mostly lead to problems with the battery. If there were clicking sounds when you turn on the ignition, there is a possibility that the battery could be dead. Clicking sounds can be the result of a loose connection also. So, it always pays off to check the wiring to the starter. If that's alright, you may require recharging the battery. Batteries that drain quickly could denote an alternator problem.

Fuel pump issue

If the engine cranks incessantly but never really starts up, do check your fuel. If you are confident and know for a fact that you have ample petrol and your battery is in perfect condition, then it could be a fuel pump issue. Attempt to jumpstart the car. If the difficulty were just the frail battery, this should resolve it. Otherwise, it's actually the fuel pump and you are going to need a technical person to check it out.

Choke problems

If the car engine starts perfectly but seizes to function ultimately, the choke is mostly the perpetrator. This is essentially true with cars having carb engines. Restart the engine and step on the accelerator but lightly. Permit the car rev up to heat it up slightly. It should start well after a few minutes. But remember this is not at all applicable to fuel cars.

Take note of the above issues for car won't start troubleshoot but for any major car problem always take the vehicle to a professional service center.

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