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3 basic tips to help you tackle sudden Maruti Suzuki car breakdowns

By Exide
3 basic tips to help you tackle sudden Maruti Suzu

Whether you own a Swift, Dzire, S.Presso, Ertiga, Celerio or the old Maruti Suzuki 800, car breakdowns can happen any time. You might have ignored the warning signals or have missed out on regular servicing; and your car, which might have been running smoothly till that point, can suddenly refuse to take a start. Battery trouble is often the chief cause for such roadside breakdown issues, and here's what you can do if you get stuck on the road due to sudden Maruti Suzuki car breakdowns.

1. Attempt at safety first - The most important thing to do when faced with such a situation, is to keep your calm. Try to drive or move your Maruti Suzuki car to a safe lane, away from the traffic or highway, so you can inspect the issue-at-hand carefully.

2. Get out of the vehicle - Try getting out of the vehicle safely before you make haste to assess the situation, seek roadside help or look for a Maruti Suzuki car breakdown service.

3. Always seek expert help - You might be knowing all about cars, especially if you're a long-time owner. However, it's always recommended to call in an expert for a look at your car in such situations, just to ensure safety.

You can call Exide Batmobile for prompt Maruti Suzuki car breakdown service at 18001035454 or WhatsApp the team on 7044000000. The Exide Batmobile team is fast and have been trained to assist you in similar circumstances. They can help you with any kind of battery issues on the road. Besides jumpstarting or getting a replacement battery for you, the Exide team can even help you with quick servicing and assist you with the best possible on-spot solution if the issue isn't related to your car battery.

All batteries, including that of cars, have a certain lifespan before they are unable to support the power functionalities or equipment dependent on them. Regular monitoring and periodical servicing for a car and its battery are unavoidable if you want to keep your vehicle running in good condition and avoid sudden breakdowns. For additional tips on battery care and maintenance, you can click here.

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