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Ways To Jump Start Your Car

By Exide
Ways To Jump Start Your Car

It's late at night, you decide to head home after a party. You walk down to the parking lot, locate your car and step in to drive back... You insert and turn the key... and then... you get that sinking feeling in your heart... Your car refuses to start!

Finding a mechanic or a jump start car battery service to start your car at the dead of the night or in the middle of nowhere may not only be difficult but impossible too!

So to help you out of such gruelling situations, here are some ways to jump start your car:

  • Ensure that vehicle battery and battery for jump-starting have the same declared voltage (say 12V)
  • Turn off all electrical loads, check vehicles - no part should be touching each other and gear should be in neutral position.
  • Vehicles should have the same terminal earthed, if not, refer to manufacturers' instructions. Make sure that cables are not frayed or damaged.

Now carry out the following simple steps in sequence:

  1. Connect the positive (+) terminal of jump-starting battery to the positive (+) terminal of the stalled car battery - on negative grounded system.
  2. Connect one end of the other cable to the negative (-) terminal of the booster battery.
  3. Connect the other cable away from the battery, to the engine block or car frame of the vehicle to be started.
  4. Make sure cables are away from fan blades and other moving vehicle parts.
  5. After starting, remove cables in reverse order, starting with one connected to engine block or car frame.
  6. If vehicle does not start within 30 seconds, call an auto electrician.

You should also be aware of some of the common reasons that lead to your car battery draining out. It could be because:

- You left the headlights of your car on by mistake.

- You left the car lights on inside your vehicle.

- There is a problem with the ignition keys.

- Your car battery is phased out or too old.

- Parasitic Drain, i.e., things like your car clock, music system, security alarm etc. that keep on functioning even after you have turned the keys off.


Modern vehicles with electronic management systems should not be jump-started without "protected" jump starter leads. It is necessary to refer to the owner's handbook for jump-starting procedures for such vehicles.

However, if you are still not confident to try out these simple "Do it Yourself" (DIY) procedures to get your car moving again, try calling the Exide BATMOBILE Service at 1800-103-5454 for assistance, and avail your jump start car battery service. The technician would test and tell you if it is your battery that caused your car to come to a stop, or if it some other issue.

For more visit the "How To Jump-Start Your Vehicle" section on After all, not only are these tips useful, they'll save quite a lot of money in your wallet too!

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