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How to jumpstart a car? Get Tips or Ask Exide!

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How to jumpstart a car? Get Tips or Ask Exide!

At times it may so happen that your car suddenly fails to start! The very first thing you would do is try and jumpstart. Do you know how to jumpstart a car? Let's give you some tips on how to go about the process and get your car going again. If the process looks tedious to you, there's another solution as well! Just call up the very efficient Exide Batmobile Service and get Exide's professional technician's jumpstart your vehicle without a hassle!

If your battery cannot provide the starter motor enough electricity, then you have to render it externally. In this condition, you need to jumpstart a car by giving some extra electric charge.

Follow these steps to jumpstart a car.

1. Open the car's hood and locate the battery. You can check the car manual for the location of the battery. The positive terminal will be red and marked as plus, having a (+) sign, and the negative terminal will be marked as (-) ve as it has a black cable attached.

2. Park the car with a battery breakdown close to the working car in a way that the distance between the car batteries is the minimum. Turn off the AC, engine, radio, lights, and other electrical components.

3. Put in your safety goggles and then check the battery cable. You can inspect the batteries for cracks, leaks, and other damages. In case you find all these, never jump-start a car. It might be necessary to remove the disabled automobile's battery cables from the battery terminals and clean both cables. Using a stiff wire, you can brush off all the corrosion.

4. Connect the red clamp to the positive terminal of the battery. The other red clamp has to be attached to the positive terminal of the good battery. Connect the black clamp to the good battery's negative terminal and the other black clamp to the grounded metal or the dead car. Make sure that none of the wires are being tangled to each other.

5. You can go on to start the idle car. Click in the start button but do not race the engine but do it for 30- 60 seconds. You will do this to start the battery in the dead car. Charging the dead battery is a must. Keeping a good and clean connection between the battery cables and the terminals is essential.

6. You will try to start the disabled vehicle. If it doesn't start, shut off the engine and then disconnect the last connection while you slightly twist and wiggle the clamps. Restart the working car and then allow five minutes for charging. You might have to get the car towed for a battery replacement. You may remove the jumper cables once the car starts.

For avoiding frequent jumpstart situations install an Exide battery in your car. Also remember, its best to avoid to jumpstart a car when by yourself if you do not know the process properly. Just connect with the efficient Exide Batmobile Service and let the trained EXIDE technician do it for you with ease! Enjoy the hassle-free service if it's available in your city!

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