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Car Broke Down? Battery Issue? Need to jumpstart? Call Exide Batmobile

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Car Broke Down? Battery Issue? Need to jumpstart?

When your car experiences a breakdown on road, one of the first things you would need to do to get your car moving again would be to try the jumpstart process to revive the battery. But do you know how to jumpstart your car battery correctly? Remember an incorrect jumpstart process may fail to restart your car. Which is the very reason why we at Exide recommend that, to jumpstart a car battery, do not do it yourself, connect with the very efficient Exide Batmobile Service! This swift and prompt service will deliver a trained and experienced car mechanic to your location to fix the issue with your car.

The Exide Batmobile Service personal knows how to jumpstart the right way, so you can simply leave it to him! If you still want to try to jumpstart the car battery by yourself to get your car running, here are some of the things you must have handy:

1) A set of jumper cables
2) A running vehicle to charge your vehicle that needs a jumpstart

Some guidelines on How to Jumpstart:

- Get both the cars, the one which is running and the one that is down close to each other facing one another.
- Find the positive and negative terminals of the batteries.
- Connect the red clamp to the + terminal  and black clamp to - post of charged battery.
- Switch on the engine of the car with a charged battery followed by switching on the engine for the other car whose battery is down.
- The remaining black clamp needs to be grounded on the car metal surface.
- The car with the charged vehicle battery needs to be powered on now to begin the jumpstart process.
- Once the engine of the car has been re-started the clamps need to be removed.

Should the process look overwhelming, Exide Batmobile service is available across 250+ cities and one can easily avail this service irrespective of what make the battery in the car is of. All Exide Batmobile  technicians are experienced and would know where exactly the problem lies with your car battery or not. If a jumpstart is required, no one does it better than an Exide Batmobile Executive. To avail this service here's what you need to do from your location:

1) Call 1800-103-5454
2) WhatsApp on 70440 00000
3) Book your request online by sharing your location. Click here

In the event that your car fails to function even after the jumpstart process has been done by Exide Batmobile's trained technician, it may so be that your car battery is completely worn out and needs a replacement. Don't worry! The Exide Batmobile technician will offer you an immediate replacement with an appropriate Exide car battery according to your vehicle model. The battery will be delivered and installed in your car almost immediately if required.

So remember, if you need to jumpstart, don't hassle doing it yourself connect with the Exide Batmobile Service!

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