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Exide Batmobile - Comprehensive assistance for all your battery issues

By Exide
Exide Batmobile - Comprehensive assistance for all

There is only one name that comes to mind when you face car battery troubles on road - Exide Batmobile. Equipped to handle battery issues for all kinds of car models and fuel variants, the Exide Batmobile team has made a name for itself when it comes to dependable roadside battery assistance in India. Whether your car battery requires a jumpstarting, a cleaning or an out-and-out replacement, the Exide Batmobile service has been ensuring you avoid the hassle and the worries of sudden battery breakdowns.

The Exide Batmobile service has now extended its capabilities to meet service requirements of Inverter* Batteries as well!

Indian summers and travel restrictions induced by the pandemic have necessitated dependence on inverter Battery systems for reliable power back-ups. Glitches in the power back-up systems can affect your day-to-day activities and Exide Batmobile can now help you out in such scenarios. Whether it's for installation or removal of batteries, recalibration of the UPS, or for repair, replacement and maintenance of the internal battery circuit, the Exide team can arrive at your location with a single call (or WhatsApp).

What you get

The Exide Batmobile service can now be a one-stop solution for all your battery servicing requirements - whether it is for Cars or Inverter* Battery systems. Here's why reaching out to the Exide Batmobile service makes sense:

1. Exide has been a leading power storage solution provider across households and industries for over seven decades. The Exide Batmobile team comes with the knowledge of handling all kinds of car battery issues on road as well as for the concerns related to home inverters.

2. Exide Batmobile has been a dependable service for years, offering prompt assistance every time a customer calls out for roadside battery assistance. The new service extension for Inverter* Battery systems can assure you similar assistance and reliability, keeping in mind the need of the situation.

3. The Exide Batmobile technicians have been instructed to take all protective measures and are equipped to be Covid-ready, thereby assuring complete safety of the customers with every service visit.

4. The service is immediate, available round-the-clock** and serves multiple locations since Exide has an extensive network of dealers and retailers across the country catering to your battery needs. For more info, click here.

* Inverter Battery service is available only for Exide Industries Manufactured products only.
** Service available in select cities between 8am & 12 midnight. Conditions apply.

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