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Exide Batmobile service for Inverter batteries

By Exide
Exide Batmobile service for Inverter batteries

Exide Batmobile now extends its battery service for Exide inverters and inverter batteries as well!

So, be it for your four-wheeler or for the power backup at your home, Exide Batmobile now can attend to all kind of battery issues that might trouble you. The new service extension now lends prompt assistance for batteries used in home or workplace inverter systems so you can have dependable power backup at all times.

Whether it's for installation or replacement of batteries, recalibration of the inverter system or for repair and maintenance of the internal battery circuit, you can simply call for the Exide Batmobile assistance for inverters at 1800-103-5454 or send them a WhatsApp message at 7044000000. This service is now accessible in over 250 cities and for seven days a week. To know more about the emergency battery assistance service, click here.

How it works

The Exide Batmobile team is well placed across the country due to the vast network of dealers and retailers that the brand maintains. Here is how the call for assistance and consequent servicing process works when you reach out to the team for inverter batteries.

1. Place your Service Request by clicking on the Share Your Location link for Inverter batteries. You can even WhatsApp the team at 7044000000 or give them a call at the toll-free number 1800-103-5454

2. Follow the steps / instructions till your request gets allocated to a nearby Exide Batmobile team

3. Our Exide Batmobile technician arrives at your given location to check your inverter system and the existing battery setup

4. Our technicians either offer a repairing service and/or arranges for easy replacement assistance, depending on your requirement

5. Your service request is closed, after guaranteeing your satisfaction. You share feedbackfor the Exide Batmobile service for the service assistance.

Safety Assurance

Keeping the Covid-19 safety precautions in mind, the Exide Batmobile technicians have been instructed to take all protective measures. Besides regular temperature checks, the technicians are equipped to be Covid-ready and carry their own masks, gloves and sanitisers, thereby assuring complete safety of the customers with every service visit.

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