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Need regular servicing at home or emergency roadside assistance? - Now you can WhatsApp Exide Batmobile at 7044000000

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Need regular servicing at home or emergency roadsi

Save the number - Exide Batmobile is now accessible on WhatsApp!

Yes, you read that right. For any kind of car battery troubles, you can now simply connect with experts from the battery manufacturing brand over WhatsApp at 7044000000.

Reaching the Exide Batmobile is more instant over WhatsApp due to the ease of smartphone access and availability of mobile internet these days. Exide understands the urgency of the situation when you're faced with sudden battery failures and ensures that you get prompt assistance within the shortest time possible. Therefore the brand has enabled WhatsApp access to offer further convenience to the consumers.

Car batteries can malfunction anytime, and it might not always be due to power drop. It doesn't matter how expensive a car you own and whether you're driving a Hyundai Creta or a BMW 6 Series, calling up a roadside assistance number is the most sensible solution if you're faced with unforeseen battery breakdowns. Electrical failures, connection issues, discharge due to long period of unuse, unfavourable temperature conditions and multiple other reasons can cause such battery glitches. As a car owner, you might not always be able to pin point the cause and the experts at Exide Batmobile can help you do just that.

Aside from finding the reason behind battery breakdowns, Exide Batmobile team can help you with the following services:

1. Jumpstart your battery

2. Carry out cleaning service for corrosion or accumulation near the terminals

3. Fix issues related to wiring and electrical connections

4. Perform on-spot maintenance services (if required)

5. Help you acquire a new battery in order to replace the old/dying one

6. Suggest quick and best fix if the issue isn't related to the car battery

Whether you're using a Hyundai i20 or a Chevrolet Beat, Exide Batmobile roadside assistance number can be called or reached over the WhatsApp web or mobile app anytime. Being a leading battery brand in the country, Exide's Batmobile service can offer assistance with any and every make and model of four-wheelers.

For more info about the Exide Batmobile service, click here.

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