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Need to Charge A Car Battery? Connect with Exide Batmobile

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Need to Charge A Car Battery? Connect with Exide B

Like the way you care for your favourite gadgets, your car battery needs to be cared for too! A car battery is almost like the heart of a vehicle. A crucial part of taking care of your car battery is to keep it well-charged.

Do you check the charge status of your car battery at regular intervals? You can identify the charge status of your battery through a charge indicator. Remember, if it is clear or yellow, you have to recharge it. If recharge does not work, it might be that the battery has reached towards the end of its life and it's thus time for a replacement.

If you have any battery trouble, no worries! Go for the Exide Batmobile Doorstep Service - A quick and hassle-free doorstep service that helps you to get your car battery charged at home by experienced technicians. You can even get an easy replacement for your car battery if required through the Exide Batmobile Service. You can call 1800-103-5454 or WhatsApp on 70440 00000 to avail this service!

So, do not try to disconnect, remove or charge your car battery by yourself, when you can get your problem solved easily through the efficient Exide Batmobile service. It is not recommended to charge your car battery by yourself. If you are not confident on how to charge a car battery, you might end up getting corrosive sulphuric acids on your hands and clothes, which is dangerous, or the battery could explode causing you grievous injuries.

Stay safe by relying on the Exide Batmobile service to charge your car battery. All you need to do is "Share Your Location" and follow a few simple steps to get an experienced technician allocated for your service. When the technician reaches your location, he will check your car battery at first to gauge the issue. He will try to fix the problem or will try to jump start your car. If the repair is impossible, he will then suggest a replacement for your car battery. You can also dial 1800-103-5454 to book this service.

The Exide Batmobile doorstep service is available from 8 am - 8 pm seven days a week at select cities*. You can get any car battery fixed immediately, with the assurance of complete safety. So just reach us on our WhatsApp Number - 70440 00000 or call 1800-103-5454  to experience the service.

* Click to check if the Exide Batmobile Service is available at your city.

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