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Want to fix your old battery or purchase a new one? - Call Exide first

By Exide
Want to fix your old battery or purchase a new one

Batteries are the most important part in any four-wheeler as it supports all the electrical features that you might have handpicked in your car. Any or every battery however might not work well with your car, as car batteries work in multiple ways to power the vehicles and thus, need to be compatible with specific year, make and model of the car it powers. Depending on your usage and maintenance, a standard battery can last for quite a few years, which is why it’s almost hard to keep a track of when exactly you’ll need a replacement. So, what to do when your car battery starts faltering?

The solution is simple. Just call or WhatsApp Exide!

Call Exide helpline number at 1800-103-5454 or WhatsApp at 7044000000 from anywhere you face battery issues, whether you’re at home or have your car parked somewhere, or in case you have been travelling and are on the road.

Exide Batmobile is a team from the brand that solely works for addressing battery problems, either by fixing the existing battery issues in your car or by replacing your dead car battery with a new one. You can share your location with the Exide team directly to let them know where the service is required, or can explain the issue over a call with the specialists at their free* roadside assistance number 1800-103-5454. You can even connect with the team over WhatsApp at 7044000000.

The emergency service is accessible across several locations and offers doorstep service so you don’t need to get anxious about carrying a non-functional battery to a nearby service center.

On reaching your location, the Batmobile team first tries to figure out what’s wrong with your vehicle - whether the issue you’re facing is specifically related to your car battery or if there is any other issue with the car. Then they try to determine if the issue can be addressed on-spot and try resolving it at the earliest, by trying to jumpstart or by fixing connection issues or by preventing spillage from your existing battery and likewise. If not, they suggest suitable alternatives for your assistance, so you can get moving as soon as possible. In case it’s a dead battery, the team even arranges an alternate battery for your four-wheeler with your consent or help you find a new one to buy, so you can avoid the stress of searching for a suitable battery at the moment.

To know more about the free* roadside assistance service - Exide Batmobile, visit You can directly call their helpline number at 1800-103-5454 or connect over WhatsApp at 7044000000 for quick service.

*Free Service is a limited period offer. EIL has rights to revoke the offer anytime, without prior intimation

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