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Whom to call when you require emergency service for car battery breakdowns

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Whom to call when you require emergency service fo

Sudden battery breakdowns are taxing, especially if it gets you stuck in the middle of a busy day. A car battery provides necessary power to the starter motor. As the engine is jolted to a start, it turns the alternator which in turn recharges the battery. A flat or faulty battery is one of the most common reasons why a car refuses to start one sudden day. There might be issues with the alternator, connection cables or the starter too, which however you would only know once you carry out a thorough check under the hood of the car.

Whichever brand of car you own, Exide's Batmobile team can offer emergency car battery breakdown assistance if your otherwise smooth car journey gets disrupted due to a faulty battery. Exide Batmobile can come to your rescue at the quickest possible time owing to the brand's extensive presence across the country.

You can simply give a call at Exide's toll-free car breakdown emergency number 1800-103-5454 and share your location with the Exide service executive to get prompt assistance for your emergency car breakdown. You can also request for Exide Batmobile assistance over WhatsApp at 7044000000 or share your location online at

How it works

Here's how the Exide Batmobile service works:

1. Once the Exide team receives your Service Request over call on their car breakdown emergency number 1800-103-5454, or over WhatsApp at 7044000000 or on their website, a service personnel is assigned to you depending on your location*.

2. Exide Batmobile technician arrives at your shared location.

3. The Exide Batmobile technician carries out a thorough check to determine if it's a battery issue or if there's any other issue with your car.

4. Once the issue is identified, the Exide Batmobile technician proceeds to resolve the situation, by either fixing your faulty battery or connection problems or by offering a quick jumpstart to get you moving.

5. In case the battery can't be revived, the team can even arrange a replacement battery suitable for your car.

6. If the issue is not related to your car battery at all, the team can guide you with the other alternatives as well.

Exide Batmobile - Now available for your Exide Inverter Battery and Exide Home UPS systems

Yes, you heard that right!

Exide Batmobile service is now available for your home or office power back-up needs as well. Help the team with the location for your Exide Inverter or Exide Home UPS to get prompt service assistance backed by the Exide expertise.

*For location details related to your emergency car breakdown, click here.

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