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Keep calm and call Exide for emergency roadside assistance in India

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Keep calm and call Exide for emergency roadside as

With rapid economic development and rise in population, especially in the metro cities, the vehicular traffic in India has increased manifold. Besides public transport and metro network facilities, there are a lot of city commuters who use their own vehicles for travel or depend on ride-sharing services.

Whatever be the mode of commute, batteries are indispensable for every automobile. Often overlooked due to their longevity, car batteries can nudge you for a bit of attention every once in a while. While regular vehicle maintenance can take care of them, old batteries when left unattended, can cause breakdowns and land you in dire circumstances while you're on your way. Here's what you can do if you face such a situation:

  1. As soon as you notice any sign of car trouble, try to steer your vehicle to the side of the road. Try to park to the left of the road and avoid any curves.

  2. You might need to switch lanes for an appropriate spot. Switch on your indicators and if it's dark outside, it's advisable to switch on the interior lights as well.

  3. Do not panic or try to get out of the car immediately as it might cause accidents amid the ongoing traffic. Keep your calm, roll the window down and try seeking assistance from passersby or police, if available.

  4. If you can identify it's a battery problem that needs jumpstarting help or replacement, you can simply reach out to Exide Batmobile Doorstep Service for emergency roadside assistance in India.

With the largest network of outlets in India, Exide can help you out in emergencies in the shortest time possible. You just need to call the Exide Batmobile helpline at 1800 103 5454 or share your location at to avail the emergency roadside assistance for batteries. Exide ensures that the subsequent process will be hassle-free for you, and can even help you replace your battery (if required) to get you moving as soon as possible.

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