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Getting a Quick On Road Emergency Service For Your Car Battery

By Exide
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Ever felt stranded in the middle of nowhere with a car that fails to start? It sure is terribly frustrating when you are struggling to find a mechanic who can quick fix your car to help you get moving again… And if you are at a remote location like the middle of the highway it can get all the more difficult. One of the main reasons for your car to break down could be malfunctioning of your car battery. Regardless of whether your car is old or new, a breakdown happens at the time when you least expected it! In circumstances as this, only a good Emergency Car Breakdown Assistance can bail you out!

Wondering why batteries run down?

The reasons are many, but here are some common ones:

  • Driving a car that has been unused for a long period

  • When you forget to switch off your car lights after parking your car.

  • A fault with the product/ component in the battery

  • Faulty car charging system

  • Inappropriate battery installation

So what are you most likely to do when you are stuck with your car? If you fail to jumpstart it yourself the best alternative is to call a Free roadside assistance number of any 24 X 7 on road assistance service.

As the leader in automotive batteries, Exide has always understood the importance of the car battery and how helpless one feels when it's down. That is why we introduced Exide BATMOBILE, an Emergency Car Breakdown Assistance service for any 4-wheelers with a battery problem. So if you are stuck on the road all you need to do is call our toll free number - 1800-103-5454 and an Exide BATMOBILE will be there at your service in a matter of minutes! What’s more…This service is not limited to those who have only Exide batteries in their car but all batteries.

In case the scope of the service required is beyond what the van can provide, then you will be guided to a place where you can get help. 

Mr. Rohit Joshi, an executive with an MNC in Kolkata recently experienced the wonderful service on calling the Exide Bat Mobile Service Helpline. Here’s how he relates his experience…

“It was a Monday morning and I had an important client meeting to attend, when suddenly my car refused to start. Not knowing what to do I called the 24 X 7 on road assistance number of Exide Bat Mobile Service.  Within minutes the van appeared. The BAT Mobile man checked and found a fault that was draining my battery and fixed it within minutes. Thank God for Exide BATMOBILE I could make it to my meeting on time!” 

The Exide BATMOBILE service started in 2000, at Entally, Kolkata and has expanded to 32 locations with a fleet of 51 vans! It has been introduced across 85 locations around Gujarat and Maharashtra and is on a rapid expansion mode. 

In short Exide BATMOBILE is a great Emergency Car Battery Breakdown Assistance anytime, anywhere… So if you face a problem with your car on road…You know whom to call!

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