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Power your Hyundai Creta with Exide batteries for safe drives

By Exide
Power your Hyundai Creta with Exide batteries for

Searching for a replacement battery for your Hyundai Creta can be time-consuming, and especially stressful if your car has already started stuttering due to lack of electrical power. Getting a quality product at the earliest is easy with Exide, as batteries from the brand are available throughout the country. However, battery variants from the brand are many and as such, multiple options can be used for Hyundai Creta.

To add to your convenience, Exide has come up with a list of batteries from its available range to help you in your selection.

List of Exide batteries suitable for Hyundai Creta

The following four-wheeler batteries from Exide are compatible with Hyundai Creta.

For the petrol-fuelled Hyundai Creta cars:

1. Exide Mileage (ML45D21LBH)

For the diesel-fuelled Hyundai Creta vehicles:

1. Exide Mileage (ML75D23LBH)

In case you face battery issues or failure on the road, you can always reach out to Exide Batmobile for the quickest Hyundai Creta roadside assistance, and that is applicable even if you're not currently using an Exide battery for your car! Call at 1800-103-5454 or simply visit the Exide Batmobile site to share your location, either for doorstep service or for emergency roadside assistance, and the Exide team will do their best to either fix your battery problems or arrange a replacement battery for your Hyundai Creta. You can even avail the service by connecting with the team over WhatsApp at 7044000000

In case you're not in need forĀ  Hyundai Creta roadside assistance and want to arrange for a replacement battery yourself, you can visit the Exide Care website for the battery options and check out their features, warranty and pricing, before choosing the option best suitable for your requirement. Locating your nearest Exide dealer is the next easy step which will help you find where you can buy the battery option you have chosen and check on its availability.

For safety on the roads, a dependable battery is indispensable and choosing an Exide battery can offer you just that!

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