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What to do on-road when you run into a dead car battery situation

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What to do on-road when you run into a dead car ba

Quality or lack of maintenance can't be the only reasons why you land up in a dead car battery situation. No matter how frequently you keep servicing the battery and take care of it, a car battery will eventually run out of its juice. What regular servicing ensures is that you're aware of the battery health and be prepared with a replacement battery in time when the existing one runs out.

A car battery tends to give out signs when it's dying, and a careful car owner is usually able to recognise those. It might be the flickering lights, slow engine starts, glitches in starting up the electrical components of your car that you have to keep an eye out for, if you want not to be caught unaware by a dead battery. However, in spite of all the precautions, owners might land up with a dead car battery on the road and here's what to do when you find yourself in such a situation:

1. Do not panic - The first and foremost recommendation is not to get stressed about a dead battery if your car clunks to a stop at the middle of the road. Car batteries are easily available nowadays and getting a quick replacement from an Exide retailer or dealer is simply a phone call away. It's advisable to keep your calm and to try taking your car to a side of a road, away from the ongoing traffic.

2. Seek help-at-hand on the road - You can try seeking help from nearby traffic police and explain your situation. Often times, another car on the road can be of assistance if your battery needs a little spark to jump out of its reverie and jumpstarting your car might help. If you need help with the process, you can check out this guide about 'How To Jump Start Your Vehicle' on the Exide Care website.

3. Call for assistance - A prompt roadside assistance service might be of utmost help in a situation like this. Exide has a specific service for resolving battery troubles on the road, called Exide Batmobile. The team of experts from Exide can be reached over call at their Helpline: 18001035454 or over WhatsApp on 7044000000. The Exide Batmobile team can assist with all kind of car battery issues on road, whether it is for recharging a dead car battery, fixing battery connections, quick servicing or finding a battery replacement.

Recharging a dead car battery is a quick fix to get you moving at the earliest. However, a battery replacement is inevitable if the existing one doesn't get revived even after it's been jumped.

For checking out easy battery buying options yourself, you can first find a suitable battery for your car on the Exide website and then find the nearest Exide dealer to proceed with your next battery purchase.

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