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Exide Batmobile - Doorstep Service for your Car Battery

By Exide
Exide Batmobile - Doorstep Service for your Car Ba

What if you are in a hurry, either to attend an early morning meeting or have to leave for a trip right away? You picked up your things, rushed to your car, got in the driver seat, and the car doesn't start!

The plight of a car battery breakdown haunts every car owner. The worst is getting stuck due to an unresponsive battery in the middle of a road. While you ponder over what could you have done to prevent this, simply share your location and Exide Batmobile will be at your service.

Exide brings you emergency car battery breakdown service and roadside battery assistance with Exide Batmobile. The best part is you don’t have to worry about money on top of this, as the service is being introduced as a FREE* Service. Avail this service now across 61 locations in India. This Exide car battery emergency service is your friend-in-need whenever you face an issue with your car.

Why Trust the Exide Batmobile service

  1. Car battery breakdowns can happen anytime, anywhere. The on-road car battery emergency service can be availed across several locations in the country, and be of help when you need it the most.
  2. Exide has a wide network of service centers and can reach you at the earliest. The brand maintains a fleet of scooters to sort out your battery glitches on-road.
  3. The brand has been serving across industries for decades and emphasises on reliability. As such, the Batmobile service is one reliable service you can place your trust on.
  4. You can seek battery assistance with Exide Batmobile for almost any make or model of car.
  5. No matter which battery you use, Exide will lend you a helping hand. This means that this car battery emergency service can be availed by you, even if you’re not using an Exide battery for your car.
  6. Service Technicians are qualified, experienced and trained to handle all issues related to your car battery breakdown.

Assurance of Safety

During the Covid 19 pandemic, our service personnel are taking special precautions to ensure your safety. These include:

  1. Wearing fresh masks and gloves.
  2. Carrying a bottle of sanitizer.
  3. Having their daily temperature checked before visits.
  4. Showing their risk status on Aarogya Setu app to you.

Remember, regular checkups of your car battery ensure that you know about the ongoing issues with it. For unavoidable circumstances, you can always reach out to Exide Batmobile!

*Limited period offer - Free Offer can be revoked at any time by Exide Industries Limited without prior notice to end-consumer

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