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5 Signs to identify your Honda City battery is dying

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5 Signs to identify your Honda City battery is dyi

Automobile batteries these days do a lot more than just helping the car to start. The Indian automobiles market is constantly upgrading in pace with technological advancements and also to meet consumer demands; and batteries supporting the cars of today therefore have a lot of electrical functionalities entirely dependent on them. If you're a Honda City owner, you know the car comes packed with superior features, a lot of which count on the car's battery and so a dying one is not desirable at any point in time.

Usually, a Honda City gives out signals to indicate that the battery is nearing its end of life. A careful owner, if able to identify these signs, can avoid sudden breakdowns which might require calling for Honda City roadside assistance.

1. Slow Engine Crank - If your engine starts taking longer than usual to power up, it's advisable to get your Honda City battery checked at the earliest. Over time as the car battery's power diminishes, it takes more minutes to create a charge for the starter. Regular servicing will help you keep a track of your battery health, so you know when it's dying and can get a replacement in time.

2. Dimmed lights - Dimmed or flickering headlights and dashboard lights should not be ignored. As a dying battery struggles to provide the power to your car, the softening of the lights are usually the foremost indicator of its condition.

3. Frequent Jump Starts - Repeated jumpstarts might indicate that you have a car battery with reduced power. If starting the car turns into an intermittent problem for you and you're already aware that the battery is old, maybe it's time for you to find a new battery.

4. Faltering electricals - A weak Honda City battery will limit the car performance, and you might have trouble turning on the radio, windshield wipers or using the power window controls and other electrical components in the car. Faulty connections or wiring issues might also lead to electrical failures in the car, however it's always better to get your battery checked, just to be sure.

5. Visible Signs - You should keep an eye out for swollen battery cases, whitish accumulation near the terminals or for faulty connections as those might affect the battery health and its performance. To avoid future issues, it's advisable to get replacement battery installations done by authorised technicians. Also, every time you take your Honda City for servicing, ask the service experts if your car battery is in shape and to check for corrosion and leakage.

It is essential for car owners to identify these symptoms of a dying battery, so they can avoid getting stranded due to battery issues on road.

If you notice any of these signs for your Honda City, you can simply contact Exide Batmobile for quick assistance. The Exide Batmobile service can reach you at your doorstep and can also offer prompt Honda City roadside assistance any time* you call their helpline number 1800 103 5454 or ask for support over WhatsApp on 7044000000.

*Exide Batmobile service is available in select cities between 8 am & 12 midnight.

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