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How to find the best service centre for your inverter nearby

By Exide
How to find the best service centre for your inver

Have an inverter at home Office or Business Place? Then, the obvious question that would pop on your mind would be, how to find a good inverter service centre near me? After all, your inverter would need occasional maintenance, battery replacement or check-ups to keep it running smooth during a power failure.

If you search for "inverter service near me" on your search engine, it will throw up a number of results on inverter service centres near to your location. However, how would you know if those would be reliable? How would you know if you would get the best, hassle-free service?

Exide brings you the answer to your questions on "how to find the best inverter service near me". All you need to do is, visit the Exide Care site and check out the very efficient, swift and hassle-free - Exide Batmobile Doorstep Service. Whether you have a Square Wave Inverter or Pure Sine Wave Inverter, this service will cater to all types. Thus, if your inverter is malfunctioning at your office or residence all you need to do is:

•  Share your location to avail the Exide Batmobile Doorstep service for inverters
•  Place your service request by clicking on Confirm Location button
•  Follow the steps till your request has been submitted
•  Wait for a technician to be allotted within minutes, who will visit your location and examine your inverter to let you know whether it needs a replacement, fixing or battery change
•  Once our technician has sorted out / fixed the issue with your inverter, and you are completely satisfied with the service, your service request is closed.

The Exide Batmobile Doorstep service for inverters is best for Exide Inverter owners. It's completely hassle-free with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Remember: Inverter Battery service is available for products manufactured by Exide Industries Limited only. If your Inverter is out of warranty and needs a replacement of its spare part, it will be charged at actuals.

You can also book the Exide Batmobile Doorstep Service thru:

WhatsApp - 7044000000 OR Call Toll Free No 18001035454

An inverter has become an absolute necessity especially during the summer months when power cuts are inevitable at times, to protect your sophisticated gadgets and electronic devices while keeping your fan, AC etc. running. Just buying an inverter and keeping it at home is not enough. To keep it running smoothly, proper maintenance is highly essential.

The Exide Batmobile Doorstep service is renowned for its customer support service towards providing effective inverter installation, inverter battery replacement and inverter maintenance. Exide's trained technicians will access all the issues with your inverter before guiding you on what to do and will also let you know if your inverter battery needs a replacement.

Getting this efficient Exide Batmobile Doorstep service for your inverter will not only save you the effort of looking out for a nearby inverter service provider but is also, fast, smooth and cost effective. Try it to experience!

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