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Jumpstart your car with Exide Batmobile

By Exide
Jumpstart your car with Exide Batmobile

During monsoons, you would often experience situations when your car refuses to startThe first thing you would then attempt to do is to jumpstart your car However if you are not sure of the correct process to jumpstart a car, always call for assistance, connect with professional car technicians who know exactly how to jumpstart a car. Connect with the Exide Batmobile service.

Can you jumpstart a car when it rains? Well, yes you can, but take precautions that the open terminals of the jumper wire does not come in contact with the rainwater. There are risks involved. We would best suggest that you let an experienced Exide Batmobile technicians handle your car jumpstart process rather than trying yourself. If you don't know the process, you may cause sparks or even a fire while trying to jumpstart your car.

To connect with the Exide Batmobile service to jumpstart a car, dial 1800-103-5454 or WhatsApp on 70440 00000 or share your location. Once your request is received, Exide's trained technicians will reach your location and assess whether your car issue can be resolved with a jumpstart or if the problem is with your car battery that might be needing a replacement, or anything else.

The monsoons can affect the performance of your vehicle considerably. Here are some maintenance tips you may consider to keep problems at bay from your vehicles:

1. Wipers can be out of work: You can change both blades of your wiper prior to the monsoon season and keep the wiper liquid filled up to the brim.

2. Fix headlamp problems: Visibility is always a question in the monsoon, that's why you should fix the headlight, taillight, brake lamps, and fog lamps of the car. Avoid a crack in the lights as water seepage can occur and it can fuse the lamp as well. You are recommended to carry a soft dry cloth to wipe off any water on the surface of the lamps.Make sure that you carry a few fuses and a toolkit so that the lights can be a savior during the heavy downpour.

 3. Pre-monsoon servicing is a good idea: The car's battery and brakes are required to be checked nicely. You can carry on a professional servicing before the car gets waterlogged on the roads. The brakes and the battery are required to be checked by experts, like the Batmobile technicians.

4. Check your brake oil: Water seeps into the brakes thereby causing a loss of braking power and efficiency. The brake oil level has to be perfect and correct. While you push the brakes a couple of times in the waterlogged streets, it causes heat in the brake rotors. This gives you enough stoppage power when needed.

5. Check the tyres depth: Make sure that the car tyres should have the required depth and safety limit defined by the manufacturer. Make sure you change a worn-out tyre immediately. Any underinflated tyre will be prone to puncture on the roads.

For further assistance connect with Exide's Batmobile service

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