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Why choose an Exide battery for your Hero Pleasure?

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Why choose an Exide battery for your Hero Pleasure

Two-wheelers are most suited for Indian roads congested with traffic, for faster commute from one place to another. The very reason why two-wheelers have become a popular mode of transport for most Indians who need to commute on a daily basis. Amongst the many brands of scooters and bikes available, Hero is a much-preferred brand in India for its wide range of high performing bikes and scooters. The Hero Pleasure is one such popular vehicle. This stylish and economically priced Hero Pleasure scooter paired with a high performing Exide two-wheeler battery would make it the perfect power vehicle on the road for daily commuters.

Do you own a Hero Pleasure? Need to replace its battery?

Come, let's find out which Exide Battery would best suit your Hero Pleasure vehicle!

The Exide battery ideal for Hero Pleasure scooter EXIDE XPLORE (12XL5L-B). These zero maintenance VRLA batteries are built with world-class technology to deliver power-packed performances.

Here are some factors that make these batteries the best fit for your Hero Pleasure vehicle:

• The gas recombination system eliminates all probable water loss and makes the battery maintenance free.
• A spill proffer design guard that protects against possible leakage.
• Advance lead-calcium technology can lead to a self–discharge.
• A unique flame arrester that can lead to self–discharge.
• The AGM construction gives a cranking power that makes it resistant to vibration.
• The permanently sealed VRLA battery is factory-charged.
• The battery needs no refilling with water or maybe electrolyte.

The EXIDE XPLORE (12XL5L-B) battery comes with a 48-month warranty. Both the batteries are reasonably priced as well. Buy these from your nearest Exide Dealer and register the battery you purchased for paperless warranty.

Do you know how to choose the best battery for your two-wheeler?

Check the performance: When you know the model of the battery and its specification, you will go back and choose the same or maybe search for a better one. Choose the one having a longer life and adds power to your two-wheeler. Find the best battery easily for your Hero Pleasure vehicle on the Exide Care website!

Selecting hassle-free batteries: The battery has to be maintenance-free. Always check the acid level since they would never require refilling or have a regular fluid check. Exide two-wheeler batteries are maintenance free.

Going for batteries that can withstand extreme weather conditions: The bike batteries have to be designed in such a way that they can withstand harsh climates and exist on rough roads with vibrating surfaces. You must be able to choose batteries with longer life in case of extreme climate. The Exide Xplore range of two-wheeler batteries are designed to withstand extreme climatic conditions.

Choosing a renowned brand: You must choose a renowned battery brand for your vehicle. Exide is India's leading manufacturer of automotive batteries. Go for Exide!

Checking the terms and conditions: It's important to check the 'bike battery replacement' and, 'bike battery warranty. This is important, and later you can compare between brands, thereby making the best choice. Exide offers easy online paperless warranty for every battery purchased. The replacement process is easy. Installation of your battery comes free as well!

These are just some of the reasons that should convince you to purchase an Exide battery for your Hero Pleasure vehicle. Install one and see the difference for yourself!

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