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Know why Exide is the top battery manufacturer in India

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Know why Exide is the top battery manufacturer in

Be it avoiding sudden power interruptions at home or office or enhancing your vehicle's performance, one essential need remains: a robust, efficient battery. This is where Exide excels. Renowned as top battery manufacturer in India, Exide delivers top-notch products, be it for inverters or automobiles.

6 reasons why Exide is the top battery manufacturer in India

• Made for India

Exide is the top battery manufacturer in India as it understands the requirements unique to India. Regardless of whether it is India’s power supply scenario or its unique roads and on-road challenges. For non-automotive batteries, Exide crafts products tailored to withstand prolonged power outages and voltage fluctuations, making them ideal for Indian conditions. Likewise, Exide automotive batteries optimize performance on Indian roads, particularly for frequent start-stop situations.

In a nutshell, Exide is the top battery company in India that takes care of all Indian automotive and non-automotive battery requirements.

• Easy access

Exide believes that you shouldn’t hassle to access the best. That’s why, Exide has more than 300 dealers across India to offer you the best automotive/non-automotive batteries. Regardless of where you live, you’ll always find a verified Exide dealer near you. Do you know what’s more interesting? You don’t even have to look for an Exide dealer on your own. Just go to the official website of Exide Care and go to the “Dealer Locator” and locate your nearest dealer without any hassles.

• World-class service

Service is one of the most important things that you need to consider before investing in an automotive/non-automotive battery. Exide makes sure you don’t need to face any trouble when it comes to getting a battery service. Regardless of whether you need doorstep service for your car or inverter battery or you need to avail an emergency service on-road, Exide is always there. Exide has Exide Batmobile which allows you to avail the expert service at your doorsteps.

Worrying about how to avail the service? It’s easy. Just go to the official website of Exide Care and then go to the Service Booking page. Here, choose “For any car battery” if you want the service for your four-wheeler or you can choose “For Exide Inverter Battery” or “For Exide Inverter” as per your requirements. Then, you just need to enter your details, OTP and location and book the service.

It’s just a matter of a few minutes and a few taps on your device. You can also book your service on WhatsApp as well at 7044000000 or by calling at 18001035454. Exide Batmobile technicians are knowledgeable with years of experience and will come at your entered location within no time to help you out. Exide Batmobile technicians are available to assist you at over 300 locations throughout India, seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

• Trusted by leading OEMs

Exide's credibility shines through its status as a trusted brand endorsed by top Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in India. This is why the latest cars are designed with specifications that perfectly match Exide batteries. Therefore, if you're considering purchasing a new car, rest assured that your car manufacturer places its trust in Exide too.

• Ideal match for your needs

Exide understands that one size doesn’t fit all. In case of non-automotive batteries, everyone has different requirements. When it comes to automotive batteries, every car has different specifications. Exide offers a wide range of options so that you can always find the ideal one for you.

In case of non-automotive batteries, Exide offers a wide range of

1. Inverter batteries and inverters

2. Genset Batteries

In case of automotive batteries, Exide offers a wide range of

1. Four-wheeler batteries

2. Two-wheeler batteries

3. Three-wheeler batteries

4. LCV/HCV batteries

5. Tractor Batteries

• Unmatched warranty

With Exide, you get the best warranty coverage on your automotive/non-automotive batteries. Battery coverage is an important factor to consider while getting an automotive/non-automotive battery. Exide not only makes sure you get the best warranty coverage on your batteries but also it makes sure you can register your battery for warranty without any hassles. You can register your battery online with only a few taps on your device. It’s that simple.

So, get your automotive/non-automotive battery today from the top battery manufacturer in India-Exide.

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