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Did you buy your Honda Amaze car battery at the best price?

By Exide
Did you buy your Honda Amaze car battery at the be

You might be totally in love with your Honda Amaze Car! Well, why not? This sleek and stylish car stands for - Pride. Prestige. Confidence. It is known for its superiority, elegance. Comfort and robust performance. Thanks to its i-VTEC Petrol engine and Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) - the ultimate automatic in petrol and diesel.

Afterall, it is made for those - who live with pride. Walk with pride and celebrate life with pride.

But loving your Honda Amaze car is not enough, if you love your car you need to care for it too. Having a high performance battery in your Honda Amaze car keeps it running smooth and maximizes its performance. So, did you get your Honda Amaze Car battery at the best price? If not, go for a value-for-money Exide battery for your Honda Amaze car today!

There are many reasons that most people choose Honda Amaze.

1. Honda Amaze ensures ultimate safety due to advanced compatibility engineering body structure

2. Automatic headlight control with light sensor

3. High-speed alert

4. Impact sensing door unlock

5. Sleek stylish exterior

6. Advanced multi-information combination meter

7. Advanced infotainment system

8. Seamless smartphone connectivity

9. Automatic climate control

So, why should you go for an Exide battery for your Honda Amaze Car?

Get Exide Mileage. Get Extra Value. Only with the right Exide battery for your Honda Amaze car.

There are many batteries available with car battery dealers for Honda Amaze, however, the Exide Mileage is one of the most popular battery coming at a pocket-friendly price. You can also try the Exide Epiq, Exide Eezy, Exide Gold and Exide Cabby range of car batteries from Exide.

Exide Mileage battery comes with a warranty of 55 months*. It has a capacity of 35 AH and weighs 10.5 Kgs.

Apart from being amongst the best batteries available for your Honda Amaze car at an affordable price, an Exide Mileage battery comes with:

Robust design -

To take care of stringent application requirements

Special side vented cover design -

Excellent spill-resistant characteristics

Reliable and Durable

Exide Mileage is known for long life expectancy, thus creating trust.

Its Technology can withhold extreme weather conditions.


- Rugged with appealing cosmetics

Best to use -

Batteries delivered in factory-charged, ready-to-use condition

So what are the advantages of buying an Exide Battery for your new Honda Amaze at the price you want?

Extensive Variety

Exide batteries cater to all types of Honda vehicles like Honda Amaze. This brand provides a complete feature spectrum through its product ranges. Whether your work involves off-roading trips or city driving, Exide batteries are a solution for all purposes.

High durability

Exide car batteries have a robust design with excellent spill-resistant characteristics. They even withstand extreme temperatures. The batteries are fast to recharge and low on upkeep and maintenance.

Reliable Warranty

Exide car batteries come with warranty protection that offers you a hassle-free replacement on the rare occasion of a battery breakdown. Customers receive a warranty range of 12 to 77 Months* depending on the battery they purchase.

On-line availability

For a hassle-free purchase, Exide has a wide network of dealers from whom you can buy your favourite Exide car battery at the best price for your Honda Amaze car.

Excellent Customer Service

Our customers rely on our on-site and off-site assistance through its network of trusted authorised vendors. Exide's Batmobile service is available seven days a week, from 8 am - 8 pm at your doorstep.

Call our customer service at 1800-103-5454 without any hesitation and utilise the Batmobile service from Exide at your doorstep.

* T&C Apply

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