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Get Exide batteries to keep up with your Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme's power

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Get Exide batteries to keep up with your Hero Hond

Launched as a successor to the Hero Honda CBZ, the CBZ Xtreme is a sporty bike with impressive aesthetics that glided smoothly into the wishlist of the youngsters in the cool 90s. Besides the brand name, this bike has a promising pickup and mileage to its credit, all of which is backed by a robust power supply for the 150cc engine.

If you're searching for a CBZ Xtreme battery to keep up its powerful performance, you've come to the right place.

Exide two-wheeler batteries are reliable and are equipped with the latest technology so you can stay focused on the road ahead, without any worries. To make your search easier, we recommend the following Exide batteries for your CBZ Xtreme:

1. Exide Xplore (XLTZ5) - Enhanced with AGM construction, the Exide Xplore - XLTZ5 promises superior cranking power and is a zero-maintenance battery that doesn't require refilling. The spill-proof design enables it to prevent leakage and can therefore let you ride amid the tough Indian terrains without being anxious about battery performance.

Both the Exide batteries come with individual warranty coverage that can let you have additional peace of mind in case you face mechanical or performance glitches after your purchase. Once you buy an Exide CBZ Xtreme battery from a brand authorised dealer, you need to register your product to claim warranty benefits with the brand. The Paperless Warranty Registration on the Exide Care site can be easily carried out through a few simple steps, which also ensures that you can access your product details and avail coverage support anytime, anywhere!

Where to find Exide batteries for your Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme

Finding an Exide battery near you is convenient as well. The brand has an extensive network of authorised dealers which makes it easier to find an Exide two-wheeler battery anywhere in India. You can simply visit the Exide Care website at  and go to the Find A Dealer section to locate where to get an affordable battery for your Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme.

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