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Charge up for long drives - Only with Exide batteries

By Exide
Charge up for long drives - Only with Exide batter

If you're looking for a car battery that lasts long, then you have come to the right place. Exide batteries are the best when it comes to durability; and has gained market reputation for the promise of quality and performance that the brand has been serving with each of its products.

Long drives with Exide - why to choose Exide batteries

Exide is a reputed battery manufacturer that has been serving packaged power solutions for decades, to meet household, personal as well as industrial requirements. Here are a few more reasons to convince you if you are pondering on why to pick Exide batteries over other products available in the market:

  1. Decades of brand reputation - Exide is one of the most reliable brands in the market that keeps upgrading its products to retain its reputation for serving quality at affordable prices. Having over 6 decades of experience, the brand manufactures products that assure you of durability based on innovation and technology.

  2. Warranty Coverage - Each of the Exide batteries comes with the assurance of performance along with a warranty protection for a stipulated number of months. The additional assurance in the form of warranty can protect you during any sudden glitches or mechanical failures and thus offer you enhanced peace of mind when buying Exide batteries.

  3. Extensive range of product options - Exide has a battery for every car available in the market and a wide variety of products to choose from. The extensive range of Exide batteries all come with distinct features, pricing and warranty advantages, which ensure you can pick one based not only on your requirement, but also depending on your preference and budget.

  4. Emergency assistance for battery issues - Exide has a team of service personnel specially trained to resolve battery issues. Called Exide Batmobile, the service is available to any person calling for emergency roadside assistance, irrespective of which car or battery brand you're using. Equipped with resources and experience, the team can even guide you on how to care for car batteries on your own.

  5. Wide network of dealers & retailers ensuring easy availability - Exide products are easily available throughout the country owing to its extensive network of dealers and retailers. The dealer locator on the Exide Care website can help you find your nearest dealer so that you can purchase an Exide battery at your convenience, whenever you need a quick replacement.

Advanced technology and years of experience has made the Exide brand an expert when it comes to powering vehicles. Car batteries from the brand offer durable performance so you can keep riding for long periods with minimal maintenance efforts, no matter which four-wheeler you own. Check out more tips and instructions on how to care for car battery in order to get benefit of prolonged battery life..

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