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Looking for the best inverter battery? Go for Exide

By Exide
Looking for the best inverter battery? Go for Exid

Are you fed up with regular power outages in your area? This could be a common issue, especially during the hot summer months. So, the best solution could be to get a high performing inverter powered by an equally powerful inverter battery to match its performance. You need not keep researching for the best, just go for Exide inverter battery- India No #1 inverter battery brand. An Exide inverter battery not only comes at a price that fits your budget but also gives you the high performance that you would look for. Exide Inverter batteries fit in comfortably into any inverter model.

To find out which Exide Inverter battery would best suit your requirement, go to the 'find your battery' section on the Exide Care site. Go to the Inverter Battery section and then click on 'calculate your requirement,' to find relevant Exide batteries matching your total load requirement.

Exide offers a wide range of inverter batteries to choose from -

Range of Tubular Inverter Batteries

Exide InvaTubular,
Exide InvaMaster,
Exide InvaHomz,
Exide InvaBrite

Range of Flat Plate Inverter Batteries

Exide InvaBrite

Get the best inverter battery at the best price! Go for Exide!

Here are some reasons for you to opt for Exide inverter batteries:

• Gives a longer life guarantee and higher power output.
• Has a higher backup.
• Minimal plate failures.
• Can withstand longer and more frequent power outages.
• The batteries can recover easily from deep discharge.
• Lesser topping-up frequency.
• The batteries have better thermal management.

Exide has been a customer-centric brand. Exide Inverters are easily available at Exide Dealer Points across the country. To find an EXIDE Inverter Battery dealer, go the Dealer Locator section on the Exide Care website. Remember if you are looking for an inverter battery with long life and high power output just rely on Exide and enjoy uninterrupted power supply.

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