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Pick up the best inverter battery for home usage at Exide stores

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Get the best inverter battery for home usage at Ex

You have come to the right place if you're searching for reliable inverter batteries for your home.

Given the global pandemic that has been demanding most people stay indoors, having a dependable power backup is the need of the hour. Exide inverter batteries for home use are thus much in demand, as those ensure your daily activities can continue unhampered during power cuts or failures. If you're wondering which inverter battery is suitable for your home, below are some pointers to guide you.

Calculating power requirement for a suitable home inverter battery

The first step to choosing an inverter battery for home use requires calculating your power requirement. You might need to pick and choose how many fans, lights and other electronic appliances you would need the power backup for, before you go searching for an inverter battery. Suppose you want to have two fans, two tubelights, one LED light and one television functioning during a power failure. In that case, you would need to calculate the wattage requirement for all of these, and then get an inverter battery which can support the combined wattage.

Batteries are most commonly rated in Ampere hours (Ah), which determines how much power can be delivered by a battery. To know the Ah rating for an inverter as per your home requirement, we recommend you consult with an electrician first.

You can even calculate your power backup requirement for the home inverter at the Exide Find Your Battery section on website.

What makes Exide inverter batteries perfect for use at homes?

Exide has been serving customers over decades with packaged power solutions and delivers quality products at affordable costs. The following can be listed as essentials of a good inverter battery for home use, all of which are promised by the brand:

• Ability to withstand frequent deep discharge - Exide inverter batteries are equipped with this safety feature, which is especially useful if you stay in an area experiencing frequent or prolonged power cuts. The tubular batteries from the Exide Invatubular and Exide Invamaster ranges are equipped to operate at extreme temperatures and are used in high cyclic applications.

• Reliability over months - Besides brand assurance and service, Exide batteries deliver on the promise of quality and durability, to ensure your daily activities remain unhindered during power failures.

• Low maintenance - Exide batteries are conveniently built to ensure maintenance is easy and smooth. Tubular inverter batteries from the brand like the Exide Invatubular and Exide Invamaster are manufactured with Torr Tubular technology, which prevents shedding or corrosion and ensures durability of the products.

• Minimum emission of gases/fumes - Enhanced with the latest technology, Exide inverter batteries can assure high recharging efficiency and are mostly fume and leak resistant which make them ideal for home use.

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