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Find a bike battery shop nearby!

By Exide
Find a bike battery shop nearby!

Two-wheelers are best suited for Indian roads. People prefer a two-wheeler for moving from one place to another or carrying goods across the meandering roads as it's always faster and convenient than a four wheeler. The very reason why the demand for two-wheelers have been going up every year. If you own a bike, to keep your bike moving smooth every day, you would need to maintain your vehicle. One of the most vital part of maintaining your bike is to have a battery running in perfectly good condition. So, as a two-wheeler owner, you would obviously be looking out for a bike battery shop nearby to avail easy replacement of your bike battery whenever needed. Have you checked out if there is an Exide battery dealer nearby? Exide has a widespread dealer network and offers some of the best bike batteries for two-wheelers of various brands and make, running on Indian roads.

How to find a bike battery shop near me?

• Visit the Dealer Locator section on the Exide Care website
• Enter your Pin Code or Select your State & City
• Click on Find
• The list of Exide Bike battery dealers close to you will be listed clearly.
• You can get the Dealer Name/ Mobile/ Email/ Address and connect with the Exide Dealer to get your bike battery replaced with ease.

Exide has a wide range of two-wheeler batteries to fit bikes and scooters of various brands. Here's the list of some of the most popular ones.

Exide Xplore: Zero maintenance VRLA two-wheeler battery, made with world-class calcium effects technology.

Once you have located your nearest Exide Dealer, he will guide you on which battery would suit your bike model best. You can also find out the best match for your Exide Battery yourself. Go to the Find Your Battery section on the Exide Care website. Under the Two-Wheeler Batteries section, select your Bike model, make and start type to find the best battery to match your two-wheeler.

All set to purchase? Here are some pre-bike battery buying tips -

1. Size of the battery:  Check the dimension of the existing battery. You will have to ensure that the dimensions of the new battery are likewise, otherwise, it won't be fitting into your bike.

2. Starting Power (CAA): CAA or Cold Cranking Amps would determine the starting power of the motorcycle's battery and would indicate the number of amperes a battery would deliver. The better the value of CCA, the easier is it or the motorcycle to start. Hence, it's obvious that you should check the CCA before buying a battery.

3. Battery technology:There are different batteries like GEL, Lithium, factory activated, AGM, or even conventional. Exide bike batteries are made with the latest VRLA and world-class Calcium Effects technology, conforming to Japanese Standard JIS D5302, power packed with features to give your two-wheeler the best performance on Indian roads.

So, if you choose to buy an Exide battery for your bike, you need not go hunting for a dealer to make your purchase. All you need to do is visit the Dealer Locator section on this website and find an Exide Dealer closest to you and go ahead to make your purchase. Once you have made your purchase, do not forget to register your Exide battery for paperless warranty online! Ride on!

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