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Your car deserves the best battery! Go for Exide

By Exide
Your car deserves the best battery! Go for Exide

You have picked up the car of your choice. Now, you would always want to keep your car in its best form by supplementing it with the right accessories, regular servicing and most of all the best performing car battery. The very reason why you should go for Exide. So you need not type find the best 'car battery dealer near me'. Just visit your nearest Exide Dealer, or call Exide on 1800-103-5454 or WhatsApp on 70440 00000.

Known to be the market leader in car batteries, Exide manufactures and distributes its widest range of batteries to the Indian domestic market and also exports to South East Asian and European markets.

The battery is considered to be the life of your vehicle, the very reason why you would want to go for the best one. A car battery high on performance and low on maintenance would be the best choice. Exide offers a wide range of batteries meant for all brands of cars, SUVs, and MUVs. Visit the Find Your Battery section on the Exide Care site to find the best Exide battery to match your vehicle.

The best Exide car battery brands to look out for:

Exide Epiq
Exide Matrix
Exide Mileage

So, you do not need to go hunting to find a car battery dealer nearby to buy the best vehicle battery. Just go for Exide. Your car battery might need an occasional replacement for a number of causes ranging from battery dying out, battery malfunction, battery wear out etc.

What are the common ways you can maintain the life of your car battery?

1. Avoid going for short trips: Every time the battery is given a start, it initiates a workout. In case you drive a short distance, it's difficult for the battery to regain the amount lost. This is the reason you should drive frequently for regular hours.

2. Keep the battery fastened: Vibration is known to reduce the life of the battery. Hence, you should always keep the battery clamped in order to avoid too much vibration that can even reduce the inner circuits.

3. Minimizing the power while the engine is off: Car batteries are always maintained well when it's almost 100% charged. So, whenever you are exiting the vehicle, you should make sure that all the lights and accessories are turned off.

4. Keeping your battery clean: By ensuring that the top of the battery is cleaned every time, you will avoid the discharge of grim every time on the top of the casing. Keeping the battery clean would avoid corrosion from time to time.

5. Trying to minimize the heat exposure: Trying to minimize the heat exposure would increase the rate of evaporation of the cells. Wherever possible avoid the battery getting heated up. You can park the car in shade.

6. Checking your battery voltage once a month: The acid-led battery would reduce its life of it as well. You must always check so that the voltage drop never occurs below 12.5 volts. A healthy, full-charged acid lead battery would be 12.7 volts. For assistance on checking your car battery connect with the Exide Batmobile Service.

7. Not leaving the car unused for a longer period: Lead-acid car batteries are generally kept charged all the time. Irrespective of the brand, the battery loses charge over time. Well, this situation could be defined as 'self-discharge. Generally, the acid-led batteries would self-discharge at the rate of 1% per day at room temperature.

Remember - Exide Batteries are maintenance free! When you power your vehicle with an Exide Car Battery, you need not worry about battery maintenance! Yet if you ever face an issue with your Exide Battery or any brand car battery, connect with the Exide Batmobile Service for an easy replacement or a check-up to identify the issue. Also don't forget to register your Exide Battery for paperless warranty once you make a purchase.

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