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Know How To Pick The Best Priced Inverter

By Exide
Know How To Pick The Best Priced Inverter

Go for an inverter if you want uninterrupted power supply in your home or office. The popularity of inverters is touching the incremental curve, as more and more people want to enjoy an uninterrupted power supply. Before you buy an inverter you might have a budget on mind. Did you know that there are various factors determine an inverter price in India?

The price of an inverter depends upon the following factors:

• VA rating: An inverter's capacity is measured in terms of volt-ampere and is proportional to the total load you look to support. The value of the inverter capacity is also a measure of lost efficiency between the DC to AC. For homes with higher power load, a better inverter with a higher VA capacity is required.

• Difference between inverters: You can choose between a sine wave and a square wave inverter. Sinewave inverter might be a bit on the costlier side, but still, that is preferred. UPS is better suited where you have PCs, and other appliances like lights, fans, and TV.

• Warranty: The price of an inverter will depend upon its warranty. Usually inverters with a longer warranty period cost more than those with a lesser warranty period.

• Design: A well-designed inverter that matches with your modern home will definitely be priced higher than one that is ordinary.

While picking an inverter, you may consider the inverter price as a significant factor and a determinant in buying a particular brand of product. We suggest, don't always go for the cheapest. Go for an Exide Inverter that would match your budget and requirement. Exide inverters have a proven quality and come with efficient post purchase service.

Here are our top reasons to go for an Exide Inverter:

• You can get a guaranteed long life and a higher power output
• Get higher backups
• Experience minimum plate failures
• The inverters will have the ability to withstand long and frequent power outages
• The product will have the ability to recover from deep discharge
• You will see lesser topping-up frequency
• Better thermal management, low maintenance
• Comes with a warranty
Batmobile service for inverters facilitates addressing any post-purchase issue/ maintenance
• Exide Inverters are powered by maintenance-free, performance-oriented Exide Inverter batteries
• Get your Exide inverter delivered to your doorstep. Browse through the Exide range of inverters and find the best inverter suitable for your requirement. Locate your nearest Exide dealer and then pick the inverter suiting your requirement and price

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