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Know how to get Exide Integra Lithium-ion Battery inverter

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Know how to get Exide Integra Lithium-ion Battery

When it comes to choosing the right inverter battery for ensuring uninterrupted power supply at your home, you need to get the best and that’s why you should go for a Exide Lithium ion battery inverter for your home.

An unexpected power outage can disrupt your daily routine in multiple ways. It might lead to delays in meeting deadlines, potential harm to your valuable electronics, and even leave you in difficult situations. A reliable high-power inverter system can help you to avoid such challenges and make sure that none of your important tasks or your beautiful days get hampered.

Before we take you through how you can get Exide Integra Lithium-ion battery inverter for your home, let’s discuss the benefits you’ll enjoy:

So, what benefits does Exide integra lithium-ion battery inverter offer?

Lithium ion is the new age technology that comes with a lot of benefits. Here are some of those

1. Efficient power supply

Exide Integra offers uninterrupted and efficient power supply to ensure the safety of all your devices as a sudden power outage or voltage fluctuation can damage your valuable devices. Besides that, Lithium-ion battery takes lesser time to get charged as well. Higher power density and a stable, long-lasting power are also some of the mentionable benefits of Exide Integra.

Due to its modern technology, Exide Integra lasts more than 5 years and can easily handle long and frequent power outages easily.

What more?

It is energy efficient. It means that now you can save some money on your electricity as well while cutting off the worry of sudden power outages.

2. Easy to maintain

In today’s lifestyle, people go for appliances that are easier to maintain and does not require much of maintenance time. That is one of the biggest benefits Exide Integra offers. Exide Integra does not require any water top-up or maintenance. As there is no acid spillage or acid fumes there is no hazard maintaining this inverter. Also, it is also easier to transport Exide Integra from one place to another without worrying about damage.

3. Doesn’t require any floor space

If you are worried about your inverter taking a huge floor place which is mismatched with your home decor, Exide Integra is the perfect option for you. This Lithium-ion battery inverter is wall mounted and the dimension is 665 mm * 405 mm * 140 mm. So, in summary, it will not hamper your interior aesthetics and even, the classy and modernised look will go just right with your home space.

4. Environment friendly

Imagine enjoying uninterrupted power supply at your home while being sustainable. Exide Integra offers the same. Unlike the lead-acid batteries it has no acid inside, so no acid spillage or chance of fumes, so, it is completely safe for you, and the environment.

5. Easy service

Exide offers easy service for your convenience. You can book Exide Batmobile doorstep service within a few moments by using your device. Just go to Exide Batmobile service page, Select “Exide Inverter” and fill-up your details. Exide Batmobile technicians will reach at your doorsteps within no time.

It’s simple!

You can also call 1800-103-5454 as well for assistance.


While investing on a modern inverter battery for your home, long warranty coverage is a must. Exide Integra Lithium-ion battery inverter offers 5 years of warranty. Isn’t it great? You can also register your Exide Integra for warranty online as well for more convenience. Learn more about Exide warranty terms and conditions here.

So, how to get Exide Integra Lithium-ion battery inverter for your home

It’s Easy

First, you need to understand whether you need Exide IINTEGRA 700 or INETGRA 1000. You can easily calculate your requirements here and also can compare them as well.

Once you decide on your requirements, just go to your nearest Exide dealer to grab one. You can also directly go to your nearest authorised Exide dealer to get complete guidance on which Exide Integra lithium-ion battery inverter would be ideal for your home. Once you make the decision, just get it.

It’s completely hazard free.

There are more than 1 lac authorised Exide stores in India you’ll always find one near you. Having trouble finding your nearest one? Just use Exide dealer locator to locate your nearest one in no time.

So, why delay? Get your Exide Integra Lithium-ion battery inverter today and say hello to new age uninterrupted power supply.

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