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Love long drives with your Honda City? Find all you need to know about dependable batteries

By Exide
Love long drives with your Honda City? Find all yo

With technological upgradations, batteries have become even more indispensable for the cars. While car batteries previously just had to support the starting of the vehicles and the lights, with gradual modifications the inside electricals like air-conditioning, music systems and even keyless remotes for locking/unlocking the doors are nowadays dependent on batteries. A dysfunctional battery for a Honda City thus might mean you'll have trouble even getting inside your vehicle, and that's the reason why picking up a dependable car battery from a reputed brand is always recommended.

Selecting a dependable car battery

With so many battery brands available in the market, picking a good battery can be confusing. However in order to derive the best value and efficiency from your Honda City car, you need to choose a battery that can keep up with its power demands as well as offer durable performance.

Exide is a seven-decade old brand which has gained repute in the market with products promising indisputable quality, and by offering reliable service assistance to its customers. If you're looking for a dependable Honda City car battery, here's how you can search an Exide one that's suitable for you:

1. Visit

2. Go to the 'Find Your Battery' section on the website and select product type as 'Car/SUV/MUV battery'.  Or, Click Here

3. Select your Brand/Make as 'Honda Cars India Limited' from the dropdown menu, select the model of your car as 'CITY' and select the fuel type as 'Petrol'

4. Click on 'Get It' to see the available Exide battery options that are suitable for your Honda City car.


5. You can also avoid all the steps above and 'Click Here' to check out the Exide battery types suitable for your Honda City car (petrol variant) directly

Searching for a dependable car battery is easy with Exide, since you can stay assured that an Exide product will live up to its brand name and quality. Besides being durable and technologically equipped to suit temperature fluctuations and road conditions in India, Exide products come with warranty protection as well, the duration and details for which you can find on the respective product pages here.

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