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Identifying the best batteries for your Royal Enfield bullet

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Identifying the best batteries for your Royal Enfi

Whether it's the quintessential 350cc model, the powerful 500cc one or the ES one which comes with electric start, a Royal Enfield Bullet calls for attention on road due to its distinctive thump. Cherished across generations for over decades, Royal Enfield Bullets demand sturdy batteries to sustain their performance, and this is where Exide can help you!

Finding a battery for your Royal Enfield Bullet bike

A Bullet is designed to be ridden amid all terrains and the best batteries for your Royal Enfield Bullet are the ones that can deliver long-lasting performance and have the ability to withstand rough and harsh weather conditions. Exide delivers maintenance free batteries that are specially designed to be leak and spill proof so you can traverse across uneven terrains and not be bothered about battery damage. However, if you are wondering how to find the best suitable battery variant for your Royal Enfield Bullet, here's how you can check them out:

1. Go to the 'Find your Battery' section on the Exide Care website

2. Select the tab showing 'Two Wheeler Batteries'

3. From the drop-down list showcasing the Brand/Make, scroll down to select 'Royal Enfield'; and then from the dropdown list showing the bike models, select the Bullet variant you are using

4. Click on 'Get It' to see the suitable Exide two-wheeler battery options for your specific bike model.

5. You can compare among the available battery variants based on Bullet battery price, product features and warranty coverage offered, before you shortlist the one that you deem fit.

6. Following battery selection, you can even locate your nearest Exide dealer through a few simple steps on the Exide Care website and check with them regarding the product availability, Bullet battery pricing, payment details and more.

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